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Entrance Mats

Laying Down a Rubber Door Mat Welcomes Safety to Any Entryway

River Rocks Rubber Doormat on brick entryway to a houseOutdoor entryways can potentially be a stage for disaster. As people tread through entryways day in and day out foreign matter, like dirt, dust, pollen, and even mold spores, are tracked not only to this spot but also from this spot into interior floors. Besides being a filthy mess, entryways accumulate particles and debris that pose a slip-and-fall threat, especially if moisture is introduced into the equation.

To solve this problem, a rubber door mat should be placed at all entryways. Find out how a simple rubber mat is actually a very valuable investment:

  1. Keeps your feet under you

    Rubber entrance mats offer three degrees of slip-resistance: 1) They are made of rubber, which naturally has a high coefficient of friction that prevents slipping even when wet or covered in dirt or debris; 2) The entrance mats have a raised surface texture which increases contact with your feet and, in turn, provides better traction and stability; and, 3) The mats are rubber-backed to ensure that the mat will not skid across the floor and send you flying.

  2. River Rocks Rubber Doormat on bricks in front of a wooden doorStops foreign matter at your doorstep

    A rubber door mat is the last line of defense before dirt, debris, and other contaminants waltz onto interior floors. Surface textures along the area of the mat scour foreign matter off of the soles of shoes, leaving the mess out in the cold.

  3. Catches and drains moisture from feet

    The same surface texture that removes foreign matter from the soles of feet also captures moisture from underfoot. Drainage holes built into the rubber entrance mats keep wetness below the surface and away from feet and interior floors. This is an important feature considering that when moisture combines with dirt or other contaminants the result is an extremely slick and dangerous surface.

A rubber door mat is easy to clean and only requires a quick shake or rinsing, allowing you to keep entryways neat and tidy on a regular basis. The mat will last long through many steps and stomps, due to rubber’s all-weather resilience and durability. A rubber mat is a great and long-lasting investment that increases safety and prevents a mess on your interior floors. Considering such features, rubber entrance mats are welcome at any commercial and residential entryway.