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Residential Flooring Buyers Guide

Rubber Outdoor Playground Surfacing Facts: A Guide to Playground Safety

Rubber outdoor playground surfacing keeps kids safe in outdoor play areas. Learn about this innovative outdoor plat mats made from recycled tires!

Varietal Front Door Mats Serve Unique Functions in Specific Spots!

Front door mats are simple, yet invaluable accessories that improve safety at entryways. Learn about the different functions of each welcome door mat!

Three Reasons Why You Should Have a Front Door Mat At Your Doorstep

A front door mat is a functional solution to prevent dirt, moisture and other contaminants from entering your home. Learn about three functions of doormats!

8 Great Ways to Revamp a Basement with Interlocking Basement Flooring

Discover 8 fascinating ways that rubber interlocking basement flooring can help you remodel your basement without spending a fortune on materials!

Rubber Garage Flooring vs. Epoxy: Which is Best Garage Flooring?

Thinking about redoing your garage floors and find yourself unable to choose between epoxy and rubber garage flooring, I am going to offer some assistance.

Outdoor Playground Mats Won't Break the Bank but Prevent Broken Bones

Outdoor soft play surface mats protect your child from injurious slips and falls and saves your wallet from damage. Learn how rubber mats are cost-effective!

Rubber Bathroom Flooring Can Lend a Helping Hand to Elderly Folks

Laying down rubber bathroom flooring can reduce the chances that your elderly folks will slip and fall. Find out who especially needs rubber flooring.

Doormats are Great for Defending Your Home Against Dirty Shoes!

A doormat arsenal consisting of a boot scraper mat and an absorbent doormat can literally stop dirt in its tracks!

Outside Rubber Flooring Foster an Inviting Physical Workout Under the Sun!

Rubber matting for outdoors creates an inviting workout area especially compared to surfaces like concrete and stone. Learn about the benefits of rubber mats!

Rubber Flooring for Basements Will Breathe New Life into Any Cellar

Explore your options! Learn how to install DIY rubber flooring for basements and turn your basement into a functional home gym or entertainment room!

A Rolled Garage Floor Mat is the Perfect DIY Garage Floor Solution!

A rubber garage floor mat is the ideal floor for several reasons: they are affordable, available in custom-lengths, a DIY garage floor and easy to maintain.

find Yourself: Rubber Garage Mats for 3 Magical Garage Applications

If rubber garage mats open up a world of possibilities, what will you do with them? Read these 3 ways rubber garage flooring can help you realize your passions.

Got a Wet Basement? DIY Basement Flooring Can Help!

Instead of trying to waterproof a basement, give rubber floors for basements a try. They’re sturdy, comfy, water-resistant, and ideal for any wet basement!

How to Utilize Outdoor Rubber Mats for Your Barbecue Grill or Pit

Outdoor rubber mats can be used for many applications including your barbecue area. Find out why and how to utilize rubber tiles for outdoor grilling!

How are Coir Doormats Extracted and Made In to High Quality Door Mats?

Learn more about coir matting and how they are produced by following a coconut on its journey from raw material to finished outdoor entry mats!

Bathroom Rubber Flooring Prevents the Invasion of Mold

For the sake of the cleanliness of your bathroom, rubber flooring prevents excess moisture from harboring harmful mold. Take arms against the elusive mold!

Outdoor Play Matting Helps Parents Keep Up With Their Little Rascals!

As your children frolic about outside, outdoor play matting is there to cushion unforeseeable slips and falls. Find out other benefits of outdoor play mats!

Rubber Outdoor Playground Matting Knocks Out All Other Surfaces!

Rubber outdoor playground matting reigns as the ideal surface in regards to safety and convenience. Meet the champion of playgrounds, rubber tiles!

Seven Ways Outdoor Playground Mats Relieve Parents of Playtime Worries

Outdoor playground tiles offer a plethora of features, yet none more important than your child's safety. Count down our seven features of rubber tiles.

Playing with Rubber: From Ancient Games to Child Safety Mats

Whether it’s for outdoor rubber playground surfaces or an ancient ball game, people have been playing with rubber for ages because of its great rebound!

Using Recycled Rubber Bathroom Floor Tiles Is a Big Eco-Friendly Step

Installing recycled rubber bathroom floor tiles is a great eco-conscious way to reduce your carbon footprint. Make a bathroom floor green with rubber tiles!

Bathroom Rubber Mats Deter the Prevalence of Bathroom-Related Injuries

Laying down bathroom rubber mats is a necessary step to prevent slips and falls. Recent studies reveal startling statistics of commonly-occurring injuries.

Five Reasons Why Rubber Flooring for Bathrooms Is the Best Option

Rubber flooring for bathrooms promotes safety and offers durability, easy upkeep and installation, and aesthetics. It's the ideal bathroom flooring option!

Coconut Door Mats are Just One of Many Ways to Use the Coconut Fruit!

Natural fiber door mats made out of coconut show how every part of the fruit can be used! They are both durable outdoor door mats AND offer stylish accents.

Which Home Door Mat is Perfect for You? Find Out with this Quiz!

Looking for a decorative door mat? Coir door mats, colorful door mats, or natural door mats … so many options- Here is a quiz that will help you decide!

Fun, Decorative Doormats are a Great Way to Express Yourself!

Your outdoor entry mat is the first thing your guests see, so decorative doormats will really say a lot about your personality!

A Cushioned Chef Mat Offers Comfort While Cooking in the Kitchen!

A rubber chef mat can reduce bodily discomfort resulting from prolonged standing. Find out how a cooking mat makes the kitchen a little more welcoming!

Dream Big! Rubber Chef Mats Help You Reach Your Culinary Aspirations

Do you have big culinary dreams? Rubber chef mats are the perfect accessory for any kitchen, whether you’re an amateur cook or a student of the culinary arts.

Comfort Kitchen Mats Can Help You Dish Up Your Best!

Cook like royalty with a comfort chef mat, which reduces the fatigue from standing in a kitchen for extended periods of time.

Outdoor Rubber Flooring Turns Your Patio Into a Relaxing Retreat

Outdoor rubber flooring turns your deck or patio into a comfortable and long-lasting escape from your busy life. Learn about the features of rubber decking.

Non Slip Pool Deck Mats Can Keep Your Summer Going Swimmingly!

Rubber pool deck mats can ensure safety by your pool this summer- they provide high traction grip for slippery pool-sides, and keep splash zones safe!

5 Ways Outdoor Play Mats Can Help You Battle the Rough Outdoors

Check out these 5 ways soft outdoor floor made with rubber can help you fight the elements and enjoy nature the way you always wanted.

Rubber Is Your Best Basement Flooring Option - Top 5 Reasons

Here are 5 reasons why rubber flooring for basement floors will get you started on the best basement flooring option and a more welcoming basement today!

Rubber Basement Flooring Helps Keep Moisture and Mildew Out!

Rubber basement flooring tiles keep moisture and mildew from damaging items stored in your damp basement.

A simple to install flooring product, like rubber basement flooring, is an easy way to turn this sometimes forgotten space in a living area.

A simple to install flooring product, like rubber basement flooring, is an easy way to turn this sometimes forgotten space in a living area.

Rubber Garage Floors are Tough Enough for Any “Man Cave”

A tough space deserves the toughest rubber garage floors! Here are just a few ways that rubber flooring can protect your space—no matter what you use it for!

Garage Flooring Options Needed for Messy Workshop?

Garage floor protection mats, including interlocking garage tiles, are important in keeping garage floors safe, clean, and comfortable.

10 Reasons Why Rubber Mats for Garage Floors Will Protect and Keep Floors Clean!

Rubber mats for garage floors will protect your garage from muck. Read the top 10 reasons why rubber garage floor surfacing should be used!

Of Home Playground Surfaces, Rubber Matting Is The Most User-Friendly!

Rubber matting is the most convenient option among home playground surfaces. Find out three ways that rubber floor covering spares homeowners time and energy!

Three Useful Applications for Home Rubber Flooring in Your Residence!

Home rubber flooring can be used in a handful of practical applications. Learn about three popular applications and how they employ the services of rubber!