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Guide to Playground Safety

Rubber Outdoor Playground Surfacing Facts: A Guide to Playground Safety

Man preparing to exercise while on Blue Eco-sport interlocked tilesImagine this: you are walking through a suburban neighborhood on an afternoon stroll, enjoying the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. You notice a special type of flooring under the play structures at your local playground. It doesn’t look anything like concrete, asphalt, or any other traditional surfacing that you’ve seen before. It is a thick tiled floor surface with uniform edges and a soft, spongy look.

This scene may be familiar to you as more and more playgrounds and sports facilities switch from old-fashioned hard flooring options to more efficient, contemporary solutions. One of the most versatile new playground flooring options is rubber outdoor playground surfacing.

The process by which rubber products are made has seen significant advances over the last few years. The rubber flooring industry has developed rapidly, creating flooring options for playgrounds that are not only attractive but also shock absorbent and weather resistant. These outdoor rubber playground tiles and mats provide a safe, comfortable area for those kids who tend to play a little on the rough side as well as the rest of our kids.

But there is more to rubber outdoor playground surfacing than meets the eye. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know:

  • Rubber floors is easy on the feet. Made with elastic rubber material, these surfaces are soft and comfortable enough for all children. The bounce they feel when they skip through the playground bring them back for more. This is a good thing seeing the lack of fitness apparent in our newest generation.
  • Rubber flooring is extremely durable. Because many playground mats contain recycled rubber tires, they are intrinsically resistant to weather, the sun and abrasion. These surfaces easily withstand the constant abuse they suffer even at the hands of our kids.
  • They are non-skid! During rainy seasons, rubber flooring will keep your kids from slipping and falling on the playground with its high coefficient of natural friction. These products are always safe enough for kids — and adults!
  • Rubber outdoor play mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor use — which means they are also great for garages, basements , and even home gyms and of course indoor play areas.
  • Rubber floors are easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to water, dust, allergens, and the icky stuff you want to keep away from your kids. Just give their surfaces a quick sweep, or wash with water and a mild soap.
  • Kids will be kids, and they can get pretty loud. Rubber dampens noise and vibrations, making them great for residential areas.
  • Because outdoor rubber playground tiles can be made from recycled rubber tires, they are an environmentally friendly solution that kids and adults can both appreciate.

Blue Eco Sport Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles under person sitting on yoga ballKeep Your Options Open

It’s not every day that you venture out to purchase outdoor playground surfacing. Consider the options available to you and the reputation of the company offering you the rubber goods. If you are planning to construct your own a play area for your children, consider these tips:

  • Get to know your rubber! Measure the specific dimensions of your playground and choose the rubber playground tiles or rubber flooring rolls that are the best fit.
  • Everybody loves a good discount. Use the web to search out hot deals and affordable rubber products from a reputable rubber flooring authority — like the Rubber Flooring Experts!
  • Try purchasing stocked items, they ship fast!
  • Also buying outdoor rubber playground tiles in bulk may drive down the price of popular playground surfaces. If you can combine your need with that of a neighbor’s.
  • Get to know your seller, stay away from Web Storefront who do not stock products. Frankly they may sell rubber flooring in one place and tooth brushes in another. As with any other purchase, knowing your seller’s reputation is important. Do some research before deciding on a playground flooring product.

Children are innocent and often don’t know about the dangers that are always around the corner. Whether they are at home, at school, at the local park, or simply playing in their own backyards, children should be able to play in a safe, secure environment. Install safe, child-friendly rubber outdoor play mats. Let your kids play as much as they want...and don’t be afraid to join in!