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Garage Flooring Options

Garage Flooring Options Needed for Messy Workshop?

Hand truck with rubber roll on diamond grip floorDear Rubber Flooring Experts

     I need to know which of your garage flooring options are best for my workshop. One of my hobbies is making birdhouses in my garage. It’s something that I love to do but I wish it wasn’t so messy! Wood by-products are messy, the paint is slippery and permanent, and errant parts just get everywhere too. I need something that’s sturdy enough to withstand my weight, is not easily damaged with sharp wood parts, can handle spilled paint, and is also grease and paint resistant. Got anything for me?

-Klaus P. (Indiana)



Dear Klaus,

     That is awesome! I have a birdhouse painted with the American flag in my backyard. Your hobby sounds fun but it definitely seems like you need some sort of a garage floor protection mat. Dirt and debris can make your garage space seem less of a habitable area. You definitely don’t want nails, woodchips, and paint gathering in your garage- it can be both unsightly and dangerous, and it will certainly leave an ugly stain on your floor. We have a range of garage flooring options for you to choose from! Here is a list of options for you:

  1. Dog in his bed near food and water bowls on Diamond Grip rubber FloorRolled rubber mats: They are available in custom lengths which save you money and reduce installation time. These will be thinner and lighter, but will be easy to move and clean. You can take the rubber flooring rolls outside and wipe it, mop it, or hose it down. Most of our rolled products are recycled which means they are made from recycled tire crumb. This makes them a very affordable and durable option as the best garage floor protection mat for the money.
  2. Anti-fatigue mats: This is one of those garage flooring options that has a focused need. If you plan on standing on one spot for a longer time while working, then you need a mat that is little thicker so it is more comfortable. I would imagine making a birdhouse is time consuming; if so, think about this line of products for the garage location that you mostly occupy for long periods of time.
  3. Interlocking tiles: Interlocking garage tiles made from rubber are ideal when you want to make the area more of a living space. They are generally thicker than the rolls and therefore offer more comfort, but they are not quite as thick as anti-fatigue mats! Needless to mention, you can interlock these tiles very easily, so installation is not a burden by any stretch. These are also mostly recycled, so they have long life expectancies!

All of these products are made from rubber and are non-slip so that should not be a concern. In each of the three segments above we offer a wide variety of garage flooring options so you would not be limited in choices. For example, we have rubber interlocking garage tiles that range from 1 inch thick down to ¼” thick. Of course the prices drop as the materials thin. Best of luck with your hobby and hope we can be of assistance in the future!

-The Rubber Flooring Experts