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Interlocking Basement Flooring

8 Great Ways to Revamp a Basement with Interlocking Basement Flooring

Armchair near a plant on Black Eco-Sport rubber flooringBasements have an uncanny knack for turning into those dark, damp storage spaces that everyone seems to forget. Your basement, however, doesn’t need to suffer the same moldy fate. With a little bit of investment, rubber flooring for a basement, and Do-It-Yourself fun, your basement can become one of the highlights of your home. Here are eight great ideas that will make your underground room more enjoyable and turn that forgotten space into one of the most essential rooms in your house.

  1. Home Gym: If you want to transform your body as well as your basement, turn your basement into a place where fat goes to burn — a home gym! Install rubber interlocking basement flooring to get a durable and comfortable surface that is ideal for high-impact aerobic exercise and heavy weightlifting. With affordable rubber flooring and top-notch fitness equipment you can easily transform your cellar into an awesome gym.
  2. Wine Cellar: Since your basement is technically underground, it is usually the dampest room in your house. You may hate your wet basement floor but you can use it to your advantage: an efficient wine cellar requires cool temperatures with high amounts of humidity (around 55 degrees Fahrenheit with a Relative Humidity of 60-65% according to Slap some water-resistant rubber on that wet basement floor, and then roll in your vintage wine collection and voila! You’ll have a great wine cellar without changing much of anything.
  3. Home Theater: Movies, movies, movies. Many of us love watching a good movie on the big screen. Why not transform your basement into a home theater? You don’t need to be too extravagant. Invest in a white projection screen, a movie projector, and a surround sound speaker system. Rubber basement flooring will provide comfort and contain sound — interlocking basement flooring tiles are the easiest to install. Add a soft couch and some popcorn and you’ll have the makings of a great home movie theater!
  4. Game Room: Whether you’re partial to billiards, darts, or air hockey, a game room is an excellent use for a basement. Rubber interlocking basement flooring will provide the easy cushion and comfort you need for your entertainment area. Install a video game system for the kids or a poker table for the adults. By providing a fun and comfortable space for game nights you can easily turn your basement into a hub of fun and entertainment. 
  5. Red Eco Sport Rubber Flooring Tiles under Foosball table Music Studio: Some people choose to skip the built-in parking space and turn their garages into music studios. For those who’d rather park in their garages, a basement is a great place to build a state-of-the-art music studio. Thick rubber tiles for basement floors offer superior noise absorption for sound reduction of applications. Install interlocking rubber tiles in your music studio; the simple DIY process allows you to spend your money on the parts of your music studio that really count!
  6. Art Studio: You may be a full-fledged a painter or an amateur yearning to embrace your inner artist. Be creative! Transform your basement into a quiet, secluded art studio where you can hone your skills. Rubber flooring for a basement will protect your floor from spilled paint and heavy easels, allowing you to store your masterpieces, paints, and brushes without worrying about the mess!
  7. Extra Room: An extra bedroom can be an asset for any family with kids. If you are expecting a baby, impending adolescence, or house guests, you may need a place to stash your cranky youngsters. Turn that underground space into a spare room! A spare bedroom always comes in handy whether you are planning to give your teenager his own room or stash your in-laws in the only available space. Hide the dank, wet basement floor from sight with rubber flooring that is resistant to water and mold.
  8. Family Room: Many of us have gotten so busy that we’ve lost sight of what is truly important: spending time with our families. Take advantage of the extra room in your house by turning that “subterranean vault” into a comfortable family room where you can spend more time with your loved ones. All you need is comfortable rubber floors, a good couch, a few pillows, and some good, old-fashioned familial love. It’s that easy!

With some creativity, a bit of motivation, and a willingness to invest, you can breathe new life into your damp basement. Whether you’re after rest and relaxation or a little extra gym time, it’s easy to turn your floors into something your family and friends can truly enjoy. Installing rubber interlocking basement flooring is easy and affordable, give it a try!