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Got a Wet Basement? DIY Basement Flooring Can Help!

Blue Terra Flex Floor under many weight benches and exercise equipmentHow do rubber floors for basements and my visit to Seattle connect? A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle to see some distant relatives. We enjoyed dinner and drank hot chocolate in front of the fireplace while sharing embarrassing family stories. While the family reunion was warm, the weather was certainly not! I soon learned that Seattle is known as one of the rainiest cities in the US with recorded rainfall on over 130 days out of the year. I had an idea that the sun shines less here but that much rain was unexpected! Flooding is not a foreign concept to the residents of the city, and they have definitely found ways to combat the wet weather.

The topic of rain and the wet climate of the region got even hotter once we added brandy to the hot chocolate. They gave me some tips for dealing with the rain- make sure to defog windows at all times, avoid oil patches, never slam on the brakes when driving, and expect a wet basement and do not put anything of value on those floors! In return, I gave them some advice on rubber flooring—after all, what better time to promote the company AND offer my expert knowledge on rubber floors for basements? Well, it turns out that they were already a step ahead of me! They had considered a mixture of flooring options for basements like wood, carpet, laminate, even bamboo and cork. They wanted to turn their basement into a game-room topped with a ping-pong table, video game machines, and a foosball table. To waterproof a basement, spend a ton of money on toys and flooring and risk another flood, would that be a good home redecoration plan?

A few years ago, my Uncle had gotten fed up with the wet basement floor that seemed to constantly allow water to seep in. He decided to look into the various flooring options for basements and found that rubber floor surfacing was actually a very popular remedy for this common Seattle-dweller’s problem. He bought interlocking rubber tiles and set up his own DIY basement flooring. It worked wonders and they’ve been enjoying a drier, warmer basement storage space ever since. He was definitely bitten by the DIY bug as well because he told me that his next step is to transform part of it into a full-fledged game room where his sons can play foosball and video games! Who knew that he did not need to waterproof a basement and that rubber floors for basements was THE way to go? Well…….