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Rubber Chef Mats

Dream Big! Rubber Chef Mats Help You Reach Your Culinary Aspirations

Red Dura-Chef mat in a commercial kitchen on orange tileForget The Iron Chef! Let’s talk about residential kitchens.

Some of us aren’t cut out for cooking. We break out in hives when we venture too far out of our living rooms and into our kitchens. Others revel in it. They buy expensive wines, enjoy fine cuisine, and impersonate chefs from the safety of their own kitchens. Others still may pose as bakers, inventing tasty treats for their families and friends. Personally, I choose to cook in five-letter words. That I only prepare foods like “toast” and “fruit” reflects the extent of my culinary prowess. There is no doubt that residential kitchens all over the world are filled with amateurs, wannabes, and “cooks” who might be better off serving frozen TV dinners. The TV show “Top Chef” ’has even been played out on a Thanksgiving night in my family home!

Unlike residential kitchens, commercial kitchens are all business. These are the places where practiced culinary artists cook, clean, and prepare their dishes day in and day out.

No matter your skills or aspirations in the kitchen, we all share a common kitchen problem that may prevent us from improving our culinary skills: discomfort. Standing on hard linoleum floors can cause strain in anyone’s joints, back, or feet. This is why a rubber comfort mat is a vital accessory for any kitchen, big or small.

Commercial kitchens, for example, are profit-making minded. Profit gain is equally as important as producing high-quality dishes for restaurant patrons. Thinking ahead and taking precautions against injuries are smart business decisions. Rubber comfort mats provide the kind of preemptive protection your restaurant needs. Rubber kitchen mats and drainage mats are designed to stand up to tough messes, oils, and greases in busy commercial kitchens. They also keep the staff working in spite of inevitable spills which take place when the lunch and dinner rushes hit the floor.

Black Dura-Chef mat in a commercial kitchen on orange tileIn a home kitchen, however, a commercial kitchen mat isn’t necessarily the solution. You may slave away over a hot stove for hours on end, but profit margins and customer service don’t factor into your family dinner. For home kitchens rubber chef mats are the way to go. Anti-fatigue rubber mats bring cost-effective cushion and support to your long hours in the kitchen, preventing injuries and making your kitchen a more enjoyable place to cook. Place a rubber comfort mat in areas where you may stand for long periods of time, like your stove or sink.

However, discomfort isn’t the only problem. I can’t imagine a kitchen without a wet floor or wet dishes dripping from the sink. Slippery floors don’t just come with the territory — they are the territory.

Rubber chef mats are inherently water resistant and slip resistant because of the nature of their material. Nitrile rubber mats, especially, resist greases and oils almost as well as they resist water. Residential and commercial kitchens are always prone to spills and messes. For this reason, a durable rubber mat must be able to survive wet, slippery conditions for extended periods of time and must be easy to clean.

Home kitchens may not require the same heavy-duty drainage and anti-fatigue comfort that commercial kitchens do; however, safety and comfort are priorities in any kitchen, no matter the size. Invest in rubber chef mats for your kitchen — whether you are an amateur or a culinary artist — and get back to doing the things you love!