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Home Rubber Flooring

Three Useful Applications for Home Rubber Flooring in Your Residence!

Rubber is an interesting material to say the least. It’s elastic, shock-absorbent, weather-resistant, and offers traction and grip as the cherries on top! With such an array of useful features, rubber is utilized in everything from pencil erasers to shoes and even in asphalt.

Jungle Gym on Connected Blue Eco-Safety tilesThis material can also be considered as a multifaceted home rubber flooring option, providing safety, comfort, and durability almost anywhere it’s installed. Check out three of the more popular and practical applications of rubber matting in a residential setting:

  1. Playgrounds: The safety measures intrinsically found in rubber are indispensable qualities that can protect children from harm and injury. When used as a residential playground surface, many of rubber’s features are utilized: a) the traction of the mat reduces slip-and-fall incidents, b) the shock-absorbent quality of rubber cushions impact if a child falls, and c) the resilience of rubber withstands the abuse of outdoor conditions.
  2. Home Gyms: Whether your home gym consists of a multi-station fitness machine with free weights or if you just have a treadmill, home rubber flooring covers all bases to protect your floors and equipment from damage. Using rubber flooring in a home gym setting employs rubber’s qualities in the same vein of using rubber as a residential playground surface: a) the grip from rubber helps maintain a better foothold to prevent slips and promote form, b) the impact-absorbing property of rubber protects your floor from fallen weights, and c) the toughness of rubber keeps the subflooring in shape.
  3. Bathrooms: While many residences still use traditional tile or linoleum for bathroom floors, rubber is slowly gaining steam as the preferred bathroom flooring. Installing rubber flooring in a bathroom is primarily a preemptive and preventative measure for safety: a) the slip-resistance surface of rubber reduces the risk of an accident even when floors are wet, b) the cushiony rubber matting can reduce the severity of a fall, and c) the mold- and mildew-resistant surface keeps health concerns at bay.

There are many more residential applications in which home rubber flooring could excel. With its shock-absorbency, slip-resistance, unceasing durability, and anti-microbial surface, rubber flooring is a cost-efficient investment for your home. Installing rubber as a residential playground surface, home gym floor, or bathroom floor is a simple DIY project that will save you time and money!