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Rubber Bathroom Flooring Can Lend a Helping Hand to Elderly Folks

Composite Rib Rubber flooring in workplace bathroomRubber is the ideal bathroom flooring material for residences with elderly adults. For those of you that are in the winter of their lives or that have older parents and grandparents, you know that the human body’s physical capacities gradually decrease as it ages. Arthritis, osteoporosis, and decreased balance are common ailments that come with aging and may lead to potentially injurious accidents, especially in characteristically hazardous areas like a bathroom.

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a report which surveyed nonfatal bathroom injuries among Americans aged 15 or greater. The data reveals that injury rates generally increase with age. In one injury rate comparison, the CDC surveyors calculated the rate of injury when getting on or off the toilet among separate age group intervals. Injuries that occurred to individuals age 15 to 24 only accounted for two percent of the sample size. In contrast, injuries that occurred to individuals age 85 and older accounted for 36.9 percent of the sample (

When any individual slips and falls in the bathroom you can be sure they won’t get up scot-free. For older folks with less-than-able bodies the consequences can be troubling. In the aforementioned CDC report, surveyors reported that 30 percent of adults age 65 and older that were injured in the bathroom were diagnosed with fractures. Brittle bones and hard porcelain surfaces is a fateful combination.

A simple yet effective way to reduce the risks of slips in the bathroom is to install rubber bathroom floors. A rubber-floor bathroom lessens the chances of slippage because of rubber’s high coefficient of friction, which greatly increases traction even when moist or wet. This safety measure is especially necessary for elderly people with the following conditions:Black Composite Rib Anti-Slip Mats for Bathroom flooring

  1. Adults on medications: Disorientation, drowsiness and loss of balance are just a couple of potential side effects of medications. If, for instance, an older individual is on pain medication the likelihood of them losing their balance is higher.

  2. Adults with gait problems: Individuals that use some kind of walking assistance device clearly already have issues with maintaining their balance and posture. When treading on a wet bathroom floor, the chance of slipping increases their inability to remain on their feet.

  3. Adults with sedentary lifestyles: Due to their lack of exercise, sedentary individuals lose their muscle and bone strength as well as their ability to balance. Without assistance in the bathroom, this individual is in danger of injury.

Putting in a rubber-floor bathroom assists individuals by providing a slip-resistant surface to aid the elderly in areas where accidental spills may take place. Consider the hazards of your elderly folks’ bathroom flooring and realize the health risks that are posed. In their physical state it must be understood that they may need a little assistance with some of their day-to-day activities. Installing a rubber-floor bathroom is one great way to extend a helping hand to our elderly population.