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Outdoor Play Matting

Outdoor Play Matting Helps Parents Keep Up With Their Little Rascals!

Eco-Safety Blue Playground Tile under a small jungle gymKids are a handful to say the least. Packed in their little frames is an energy reserve equal (or greater!) to that of a marathon runner. As these travel-sized humans move spastically and behave recklessly, it’s very likely to see their parents tracking them with the vigilance of an eagle!

When you take your kid outside to play in the backyard, hazards like hard concrete or stone floor surfaces must be child-proofed. Outdoor play matting is an excellent way to safeguard your child from threatening hard floor surfaces. Take advantage of the measures of safety offered by cushioned rubber mats for kids.

Residential playground mats primarily function as a protective cushion from hard floor surfaces. When children bolt to and fro it is likely, if not inevitable, for a child to slip and fall. In my own childhood, I had been introduced to hard concrete surfaces countless times and later cringing when my parents would sterilize my playtime wounds. Luckily, I never broke a bone or dislocated a joint, but such an incident is highly likely. Outdoor play matting made of rubber is a material that absorbs impacts and lessens the severity of falls.

Eco Safety Jungle Gym Mat under a SlideUsing rubber mats for kids’ play areas also reduces the chances of slipping in the first place. The surface of the rubber mats have excellent grip which promotes more stable footing and balance. Hard floor surfaces pose the threat of slipping, especially when moist, wet, or covered in dust, dirt, or debris. Even when wet or covered in contaminants, the outdoor play mats retain their slip-resistant qualities and keep your kids running about.

Another great feature of rubber play mats is that they are offered in a variety of eye-catching colors. How is this beneficial to the safety of your child? The color of the play mats could designate your child’s play area from the more dangerous areas of your front or back yard, like your thorny rose bush or a barbeque grilling area. Since kids respond well to bright and bold colors, the chances of a child wandering off are reduced. Residential playground mats then play this role of highlighting the acceptable play area and limit children to a certain space. When you are watching more than one, this helps!

Outdoor play matting is surprisingly easy to install by yourself, only requiring the insertion of pin connectors and sliding the interlocking tiles together. This easy installation means you could relocate your child’s play area as you see fit. The play mats can be cleaned with ease; a quick sweep or mopping of the mat surface keeps the area spotless. Rubber mats for kids’ play areas is a versatile flooring solution to help parents keep up with their little rascals.