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Pool Deck Mats

Non Slip Pool Deck Mats Can Keep Your Summer Going Swimmingly!

Stretching on Eco-Sport tile floor near a poolPool mats and outdoor deck mats are safety surfaces every lifeguard wishes they had more of! If you’ve ever spent a summer as a pool lifeguard you know that you spend about half the time yelling “NO RUNNING AROUND THE POOL!” at all the kids. Annoying as it may be, it is necessary—most public community pools are built with hard concrete, or smooth ceramic tile. These materials get very slippery when wet and can lead to dangerous slips and falls. The fact is that the biggest consumers of pools are kids and they will keep on chasing one another around them all summer. If you have a backyard swimming pool, it is equally important to keep it safe for all those summer pool parties! Splashed water, and there is a lot of that, can make surrounding areas very slippery and could become hazardous to excited children. Protecting areas around your backyard pool can be done easily, by covering all splash surfaces with rubber outdoor deck mats.

Rubber is a notably non-slip material due to its naturally high grip surface. All types of rubber flooring materials offer great traction and can keep bare feet securely planted. Some specialty non-slip pool deck mats have textured surfaces for additional traction and maximum safety. Many of our rubber flooring mats are made from recycled and reclaimed rubber tires so they are tough and have the ability to withstand all sorts of natural weathering—including intense summer heat. This makes these products ideal when used as outdoor rubber matting solutions. Installation of rubber pool mats is relatively simple. They are heavy enough to be held securely under their own weight, so no messy adhesives are needed. Additionally, they are also lightweight enough that they can be easily rolled up and stored when they are no longer needed. Since cleaning moist mats is an ongoing concern, the light-weight nature of rubber allows for easy handling. Removing and hosing down the mats is also easy. Water does not affect outdoor rubber matting so they can easily be cleaned by a mop or a hose. Whether they are used seasonally or over the course of the entire year, rubber pool mats will offer consistent quality and safety. Running laps around the pool should never be ok, but you can’t always hire a private lifeguard. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your family, non slip rubber pool deck mats can help keep summer going swimmingly!