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Rubber Tiles Basement

A simple to install flooring product, like rubber basement flooring, is an easy way to turn this sometimes forgotten space in a living area.

Green Eco-Sport tile floor in a room under miscellaneous equipmentAn easy to install flooring product, like rubber basement flooring, is a simple way to turn this sometimes forgotten space into a living area. Why have bands traditionally ended-up in the garage? Why have garage bands when you could have a basement band? That dingy garage of yours probably smells like car oil, sawdust, mothballs, and grass clippings. You’re never going to rise to stardom jamming away in all that dust! Not only can the debris be damaging to your vocals, it could also be damaging to your musical instruments and sound equipment. Get your band out of the garage and on its way to the big stage by setting up a suitable clean rehearsal space in your basement! Many homes have basements that are used for little more than storage. Well, there’s also the attic for that! Reclaim that basement space in the name of rock and roll, alternative, indie, or whatever tunes your tuba. Here are six reasons to use rubber rolls or tiles for basement floors:

  1. Flood Resistant: Rubber floor mats and rolls are not in any way affected by the yearly weather changes. These products are made generally from recycled crumb tire rubber and are made to last rain or shine!
  2. Easy to Clean: Rubber is not impacted by water, dirt, or debris. You can mop it, wipe it, and even hose it down. There is nothing easier to clean with as little worries for a consumer.
  3. Super Durable: High and low temperatures, rough inhabitants, moisture, or heavy furniture and equipment do not do damage to the product. Thick rubber tiles for basement floors are an ideal way to protect the precious materials above them.
  4. Unbelievably Easy to Install: Rubber flooring rolls are available in custom lengths and tiling a basement with rubber mats even more easy since they interlock!
  5. Eco-Friendly: Rubber basement flooring, whether in tiles or rolls, is generally made from recycled tires. The same tires that are on your cars can either end-up in landfills or as tire derived products in your basement. The fact that tires are very durable is passed onto any of the flooring products that are made from them. The durability gives you longer life than any other floor.
  6. Eco-Sport Black Tile flooring under a wooden deskCost Effective: Rubber floors are very affordable. Compare the overall cost of rubber basement flooring to any other flooring product. A variety of gauges, styles, rolls, and tiles offer a wide range of choices.

The first thing you’ll need to do is lay down durable flooring. Basement flooring waterproof strategies are not needed because rubber floors are not distressed by water. Wood, laminate, and carpet will all only last through one possible flood before becoming a health hazard. Mold and mildew can easily affect these other floors. Rubber flooring is also durable enough for a range of impacts- basically, everything from folksy toe-tapping to heavy metal guitar smashing. Resilient rubber provides a lot of tension, or bounce, which is how it can survive such heavy blows! Even after repeated abrasion and impact, rubber will always return to its original, stable state, due to the elasticity of the compound.

A quick and easy way to start is with rubber tiles for basement floors. Tiling a basement may seem like a challenge at first, but one look at the easy interlocking, puzzle-style pieces will reveal just how easy it is! Lay the tiles side-by-side, lock them in at the connecting points, and you’re good to go. Now you can get your jam on without worrying about damaging your instruments. There’s also another benefit to installing rubber basement flooring- rubber material also acts as a natural noise reduction agent. Who knows, you might even get fewer complaints from the neighbors, so rock on!