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Outdoor Playground Rubber Mats

5 Ways Outdoor Play Mats Can Help You Battle the Rough Outdoors

Woman stretching on red Eco-Sport tiles outsideAs people living in a digital age, many of us now enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of our own couches. You know what I mean: you come home from work, turn on your plasma TV, and spend your weekend watching a pride of lions dramatically chase down a gazelle in HD. As extracurricular activities go, it’s a pretty cushy gig.

What happens when we finally turn off the plasma and venture out into the wild? What happens when the weekend ends? The natural world can be a scary, rough-and-tumble kind of place. With the threat of climate change looming over our heads, it sometimes seems as if nature is about to get a whole lot weirder. Still, there are easy ways to combat the harshness of the elements. Soft outdoor flooring made with rubber is the perfect solution to the puzzle. Here are five ways that outdoor rubber flooring can help you resist harsh weather and climate change so that you can enjoy nature the way you were meant to!

  1. The ground can be a hard and unforgiving surface no matter where you are. Some people don’t have the luxury of sitting at a desk for their nine-to-fives. Construction, maintenance, and service-related jobs often require people to work outside in less-than-comfortable conditions, and standing outside all day can cause strain and injury over time. Placing soft outdoor flooring in any outdoor work area can easily help to alleviate pain, muscle fatigue, and joint injury.
  2. During this time of climate change, water and air can break down even the toughest materials. If the elements can erode rocks, imagine what the weather will do to your outdoor deck or patio! Install outdoor rubber flooring on your patio to protect the surface from water damage, rot, wear and tear, and even UV damage. All-weather rubber mats are made from recycled rubber tires, meaning that they are crafted for strength and durability. In this case, the elements are certainly no match for the long lasting toughness of recycled rubber!
  3. Red Eco-Sport Rubber Tile in pool area on brick floorOur little cubs may be tough but the truth is that they are always prone to scrapes and falls. For whatever reason, children have an uncanny knack for falling in the most inconvenient places. Rubber is inherently elastic and so it is perfect for absorbing impact and preventing injury. For this reason, rubber outdoor play mats offer great protection in play areas. Outdoor playground rubber mats can give your kids excellent protection for a number of outdoor playground applications.
  4. The threat of bears, cougars, and arthritic pain can sometimes prevent us from exercising out in the warm sun. Though rubber outdoor flooring can do little to ward off bears and cougars, it can certainly minimize the onset of arthritic joint pain during and after exercise. Good news for your joints: soft outdoor flooring made with rubber naturally dampens the impact of aerobic exercise! Install rubber flooring on your outdoor deck or patio to enjoy pain-free exercise.
  5. About 30 percent of the earth is covered by land. That’s a lot of dirt. It’s no surprise, then, that dirt and grime will often hitch a ride on your boots and find their way into your house. When cleaning your home feels like fighting a losing battle, invest in a rubber scraper mat for your entryways! Rubber scraper mats are designed with tough surface textures that scrape dirt from foot traffic and protect interior floors from damage. Sometimes a preemptive strike is the most you can do—and in those cases, a rubber outdoor mat is the only answer.

The human race may be evolving into couch potatoes, but weather still has the power to affect our lives. Install rubber flooring on your deck, patio, or other outdoor area to protect your home, your family, and your relationship with nature. With soft outdoor flooring made from resilient rubber materials, it’s easy to alleviate the strain of harsh weather, harmful ozone, and other natural occurrences. From rubber patio flooring to outdoor play mats, rubber outdoor flooring can help you fight off natural selection.

Just don’t count on rubber flooring to help you outrun any lions!