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10 Reasons Why Rubber Mats for Garage Floors Will Protect and Keep Floors Clean!

Coin Grip flooring on concrete floor of a warehouseWhy did one of our customers (i.e. Kevin. P. from New Jersey) buy rubber mats for garage floors? Why is garage floor surfacing made from rubber the right choice for Kevin?

Kevin has always been a car aficionado with an eye for antique models. When he saw the old ‘76 Camaro for sale at the swap meet, he couldn’t resist! The fine old car found a new home in Kevin’s garage where he began refurbishing it to shine as much as it did when it was first driven out of the lot all those years ago. However, every old car comes with some old car problems, and Kevin soon found that it was occasionally leaking small pools of oil. Kevin knew that his girlfriend would not be happy if the entire garage floor became streaked with grease and car grime so he began searching for a good protective flooring solution. Here are the top 10 reasons we recommended rubber flooring mats for Kevin’s application:

  1. Affordable: Rubber mats are inexpensive. Kevin did not want to spend a lot of money on a Polyurethane floor coating or other flooring options.
  2. Easy installation: Rubber mats in rolls are easy to install. Kevin can use a double sided tape so there is no need for any messy adhesives!
  3. Custom lengths are available: Rubber flooring rolls are available through Rubber-Cal and its stores in many custom lengths. Kevin can buy exactly what he needs and not worry about excessive material.
  4. Wastage is minimized: Since Kevin can buy the rubber rolls in exact lengths, he will not have any waste so he will not spend money on something he’s not going to be able to use!
  5. Replacement costs are minimal: Any garage floor surfacing will face lots of abuse. If prolonged exposure to oils damages a section Kevin can cut that part out and still use the rest of the roll. He could not do the same with floor coatings.
  6. Coin grip floor in an aisle of a warehouseThe rolls are easy to move. Kevin may move in a year, the rubber flooring rolls can easily be removed and re-installed in his new garage.
  7. Scalable purchase: Rubber mats for garage floors can be purchased in stages. Kevin can cover one side of the garage now and purchase more products when his budget allows for flooring the other areas.
  8. Non-slip: Kevin lives on the East Coast (New Jersey) and is concerned about moisture creeping into his garage. This area will double as garage workshop flooring so Kevin needs floors that are also slip-resistant which rubber offers at inexpensive rates!
  9. Easy to clean: Kevin can take the rubber rolls outside and hose them down; water does not affect the product.
  10. Eco-Conscious: Kevin appreciates the fact that the product is made from recycled rubber materials. He refurbishes old cars, why not floor his garage with recycled rubber made from old car tires!

After some browsing Kevin came across Rubber-Cal’s mats for garage floors and found them to be the perfect product for his new workshop! Rubber mats are ideal floor protectors because they are so affordable and easily installed. The rolls will be cut for him in advance in the specific lengths he requires and reduces the costs of the installation even further by removing possible wastage. Since the rolls are easy to put down and to remove, they fit Kevin’s possible plans to move to a new house and allow his investment to move with him! These rubber mats provide great traction and grip in slippery areas and protect underlying surfaces from oil staining. They are also easy to clean—simply hose them down with water and any household cleaning product to wash away the oil and dirt! This type of rubber garage floor surfacing was ideal for Kevin’s project as it was able to keep the antique Camaro’s pooling grease from staining his garage floor. He was very satisfied with this simple solution and quite proud that he had found and installed it entirely on his own! In fact, Kevin was so satisfied that he purchased more rubber mats soon afterward. He had found that rubber was the perfect material for do-it-yourself garage workshop flooring and decided to lay down enough mats to protect the entire floor!