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Rubber Garage Floor Mat

A Rolled Garage Floor Mat is the Perfect DIY Garage Floor Solution!

Buckets on Dark Grey Block Grip FlooringDear Rubber Flooring Experts,

   I have a woodworking shop in my garage where I build all sorts of things like model boats and picnic benches. It is set up in a corner by the window with my saws and drills all lined up. One issue that I have with it, however, is that it gets quite messy. The sawdust from my projects just accumulates in spots and makes a mess of my floors. I tried putting a tarp down, but it puckers and moves around when I walk on it. I also would not mind having a mat that is cushioned, since I do stand on my feet while working. Do you have any suggestions?
   - Woodcrafter

Dear Woodcrafter,

   Yikes! It sounds like your woodworking studio is organized but the mess on the ground is interfering with your work. This can definitely get frustrating, especially if you want to keep your work area neat as you complete your various projects. We think that a rubber garage floor mat is the solution to your concerns for several reasons.

  1. Rubber floors are Inexpensive: Rolled garage flooring made from rubber is affordable. Therefore, using it as a flooring surface to catch wood dust is a wise idea. We offer products that are specifically made to work for this type of use.
  2. Custom cuts are available: You can buy exactly the lengths you need which makes covering problem spots easy. Buy a 3ft by 5ft length for one side of your worktable and a 4ft by 7ft section for the other!
  3. Rubber is a DIY garage floor: Buy the lengths you need, lay down the rolled garage flooring, and then apply some two-side tape to its edges and you’re done!
  4. Easy to maintain: Rubber garage floor mats are very easy to clean. You can wipe the sawdust into the trash and rinse or mop the rubber mats if needed because water will not affect their integrity. Rubber mats will be as good as new after a good cleaning!
  5. Dark Gray Block Grip Rolled Garage Mat Under Ladder Comfortable: Rubber mats in thicker gauges offer ample comfort. The cushioned nature of rubber matting offers great support and relief which is ideal for any area that you expect to do most of your work standing on your feet! 

   Rubber matting is a generally tough material that can stay put under its own weight, so it won’t bunch up under your feet as you walk on it. The use of messy glues and adhesives is not necessary because a good double sided tape is a perfect way to hold the rubber floor down. By keeping your floor surface smooth your studio will look much cleaner and more professional. The great thing about rolled garage flooring is that it’s easy to install and easy to remove. If you choose to move, the rubber mats can travel to your next place of residence with you! The convenience and ease of a rubber garage floor mat makes it the ideal DIY garage floor solution!

- The Rubber Flooring Experts