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Damp Basement Floors

Rubber Basement Flooring Helps Keep Moisture and Mildew Out!

Toy truck carrying stuffed bear on Terra Flex Rubber tilesRubber basement flooring can turn a cold, damp basement into something not so scary! Growing up, my basement was the most terrifying part of the house. Occasionally my dad would send me down there to grab the tool box or a few cans of soup and it was never a fun task. The space was always dark and unfriendly. There is something about a dimly lit, old-smelling basement that strikes the nightmare imagination reflex in a person. Each time I imagined that there were horrible monsters lurking in the dark corners and waiting for me. It didn’t help that the concrete basement floor was always ice cold and usually damp. Our house would suffer from the yearly basement flood which forced us to remove all wooden and fabric products from the floor. Here are six reasons to install rubber floors in your basements:

  1. Basement’s Flood! Rubber Floors are not affected by moisture.
  2. DIY installation: Rubber mats or rubber flooring rolls are easy to install. Adhesives are not required. Rubber basement flooring tiles are interlocking, the easiest of easy installations.
  3. Protective layer: Rubber surfacing can help keep furniture and valuables away from damp basement floors.
  4. Extremely Durable: Rubber floors can survive damp basements, abrasive gym equipment like free-weights, and even the most abusive of game-rooms!
  5. Green Eco-Sport tile floor in a garage with miscellaneous equipment Really affordable: Rubber floors have no other costs besides that of the product. There is no need for glue, an installer, or chemicals to upkeep the product. They really are cost-effective!
  6. Made from recycled materials: Being made from recycled tire rubber is the reason our tiles are resistant to moisture, extremely durable, and very affordable. The inherent quality of tires is reflected in these products and, in addition, you are buying something that produces less carbon emissions during its production!

My childhood fears would have been greatly reduced if instead of a cold, stone floor, the basement had been tiled with soft, cushioned rubber. In addition to remedying my overactive child’s imagination, rubber flooring would have been a good all-around damp basement solution. Rubber basement flooring tiles would be excellent at keeping the goods above them dry because they are naturally water resistant. When the basement is not subject to constant wetness there will be no moisture collecting beneath the floors. Wet areas on concrete basement floors are damaging to cardboard storage boxes and to stored food items. By reducing moisture, mildew growth will in turn be greatly limited, resulting in safer and more sanitary floor. Additionally, dense rubber material is actually resistant to mold and mildew growth, so any existing problems can be quickly eliminated without hassle. Rubber basement flooring tiles are simple, easy to install, and are a good DIY project for the weekend. In addition to providing more aesthetic appeal to your basement, it is ultimately a simple way to reduce many damp basement problems!