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Outdoor Rubber Mats

How to Utilize Outdoor Rubber Mats for Your Barbecue Grill or Pit

Red Eco-Sport Rubber tiles under a foosball tableOutdoor rubber mats can be used for a variety of applications. From poolside mats to playground tiles, you can use these versatile rubber mats for safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Today, I’d like show you why and how to utilize outdoor rubber flooring tiles for your barbecue or outdoor kitchen area; but first, why should you choose rubber? Rubber is a multi-faceted and multi-functional material. You may be familiar with rubber in your daily life:

  • The soles of shoes are lined with rubber because of its traction. Rubber has a high coefficient of friction which gives it a non-slip quality.
  • Wall door stops are made of rubber because of its shock-absorbing capabilities. You could slam a door toward your wall, but the rubber door stop will absorb the impact from the door knob and protect the wall.
  • Tires are made of rubber because of their durability and resilience to the elements. Rain or shine, rough roads to fine, rubber tires welcome abuse and remain tough and intact.

Eco Sport Rubber Flooring tiles under foosball table in a game room How is this relevant to your barbecue area? Outdoor rubber mats reign as the barbecue area flooring king for four reasons:

  1. Floor protection: Barbecue grills and pits are heavy, so heavy that they could scratch and scuff the floor beneath. For those of you that have hardwood decks, barbecue grills can do a lot of damage and end up costing you plenty in repairs.
    Placing outdoor rubber flooring tiles underneath your grill or pit protects the floor from damage, acting as a barrier between the heavy equipment and your floor.

  2. Comfort: True grill masters spend a good amount of time standing before their barbecue grills, tending closely to the color and texture of the meats, chicken, fish or vegetables. Standing on a hard surface like concrete or hardwood for prolonged periods of time certainly takes a toll on your bones, muscles, and joints.
    A rubber mat placed under and around your barbecue grill or pit acts as a cushion for not only your grill but also your body. Rubber has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities which flexes to applied pressure. Harder surfaces remain solid, sending pressure back into your body. The rubber mat absorbs the pressure and saves you from bodily strain and stress.

  3. Durable: Outdoor rubber flooring tiles are incredibly resilient to all types of weather. You won’t have to worry about bringing the mat from under the barbecue grill when Mother Nature strikes. The toughness of rubber also prevents damage to your grilling instruments if they happen to fall to the floor.
  4. Small or Large: Rubber mats and flooring can cover a small or large area without being aesthetically odd. If you have a specific area that requires floor protection, say from dripping grease, you can choose a small mat to act as a floor trap for the mess. Rubber mats are available in small and large footage to meet any need!

Outdoor rubber mats are easy to install. Since the tiles interlock with each other, you simply need to calculate the area you wish to cover, buy the appropriate amount of tiles, and connect them using tile pins! The mats are inexpensive, saving you money to spend on another steak instead! Grill in comfort with our outdoor rubber flooring tiles!