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Rubber Cooking Mat

A Cushioned Chef Mat Offers Comfort While Cooking in the Kitchen!

Close up of a person standing on a Black Dura-Chef Mat in a home kitchen Coming home from a long day at work always brings a gratifying sense of relief. Body’s sore. Mind aches. Nothing is better than imagining home, the sweet retreat where we can recuperate from a hard day’s work in comfort. The recliner suggests, “Kick your feet up.” The shower offers to wash away all troubles. Even the bathroom toilet proposes a measure of comfort and “release.”

In contrast to some of the more welcoming areas, the kitchen can be quite uncomfortable. Cold, hard floors can be jarring to the touch and even exhausting when cooking for an extended period of time. With the help of a cushioned chef mat the kitchen floor can be another stage set for comfort.

Standing on a cooking mat can reduce discomfort in feet, knees, and the lower back. This is because of the composition and construction of the mat:

  • Composition

    The chef mat is made of rubber which is a naturally shock-absorbent material. This shock-absorbent quality flexes under applied pressure, much like a spring. When standing on the mat the rubber flexes and acts as a comfortable cushion underfoot. Since the straining pressure of standing is dissipated in the mat, pain and discomfort are reduced.

  • Construction

    The shock-absorbency of rubber isn’t the only reason why a cooking mat is so comfortable. The mat is designed for the sake of cushioned comfort, even after prolonged periods of standing. For more cushion and flex, the rubber is not densely packed during production and results in a springy feel underfoot.

Alongside comfort, the rubber mat provides a number of safety features that are especially beneficial in the kitchen. Simply by its composition, the cooking mat bolsters safety due to rubber’s natural traction. A raised surface texture along the area of the mat further increases foothold even in moist or wet conditions. Also, drainage holes and beveled edges reroute liquids off the mat and away from feet.

A chef mat can bring comfort to any kitchen. By dispersing applied pressure throughout its area the rubber mat lessens the impact on the body. The springy construction cushions feet; compared to hardwood or tile floors a rubber mat is like a cozy pillow for feet! The kitchen doesn’t have to be the cold and uninviting area of a home. Just like a recliner and a shower, a rubber mat offers some much-deserved, homely relief.