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Outside Rubber Flooring

Outside Rubber Flooring Foster an Inviting Physical Workout Under the Sun!

Boxing gloves and training equipment on Revolution Interlocking TilesUsing rubber matting for outdoors can bring your physical acativities out of the house and under the sun! Whether you partake in peaceful yoga or high-kicking Taekwondo, performing your cardio activities in the great outdoors gives you some much needed fresh air (not to mention keeps a sweaty mess out of your house!).

Outside rubber flooring provides an inviting floor surface for activities that otherwise are off-putting outdoors. Check out three ways rubber mats can make your outdoor activities more pleasant:

  1. Comfortable: When opting to take your workout outdoors you might look outside and see cold concrete or stone or you might start itching at the sight of grass. A great alternative to those uninviting floor surfaces is rubber matting for outdoors. Rubber naturally retains heat, providing a comfy surface under your feet, hands, and body. The mats are also easy to clean which scratches the notion of pesky bugs or wayward irritants invading your workout area and annoying you.
  2. Impact-absorbingBlack Revolution Flooring tiles under dumbbell and kettlebell for workout: Rubber mats make your outdoor workouts comfortable but they can also help prevent harmful wear and tear on your bones and joints. Rubber inherently absorbs impacts and disperses the forces throughout the volume of the rubber material. The impacts and forces from physical activities, like plyometrics or Pilates, can negatively affect the integrity of your bones and joints by putting strain and stress on your body. Rubber mats can absorb such harmful impacts and forces.
  3. Grip: If you’ve ever tried yoga or Pilates on concrete you probably already know how difficult it can be. Concrete and stone do not offer a high coefficient of friction that can keep one from slipping during any physical activity. Grass and Astroturf may offer increased friction but they are still not ideal surfaces for workouts that require a balance of coordination and strength. Rubber surface covering is the ideal flooring solution since it offers excellent grip during exercises. Rubber has great tack and will help you securely plant your body over the mat.
  4. Superb Durability: Most of the rubber floor covering we offer that is weather resistant is that way due to the fact it is a recycled rubber tire mat. That means that tires were shredded up into crumb, the metal and fabric was removed from them and they were then mixed with a binder and molded into a rubber tile. Seeing as tires are a “super weather resistant” product, the tiles that will also occupy your porch, patio, lanai, or loggia for the long-run.

Outside rubber flooring fosters pleasant outdoor workouts that can be a great alternative to anyone’s regular workout routine. Stepping outside and breathing in fresh air is a welcoming idea after being cooped up in a stuffy gym or workout room. Installing rubber mats is as easy as unrolling a rubber roll or installing interconnecting tiles, depending, of course, on which product you prefer. The mats can be used constantly indoors or outdoors because of rubber’s resilience to physical wear, moisture, and contaminants. Rubber matting for outdoors as a long-lasting flooring solution saves you time and energy to be used for more productive activities. And I don’t mean channel surfing!