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Outdoor Playground Mats

Outdoor Playground Mats Won't Break the Bank but Prevent Broken Bones

Eco-Safety Blue Playground Tile under a small jungle gymThe primary function of outdoor playground mats is to enhance measures of safety for your child when they are bouncing around and about your residential playground. Rubber is the most ideal residential playground surface material since it acts as an impact-absorbing cushion for sudden slips and falls. The grip of rubber is a feature of outdoor mats that may preempt the occasion of a slip or fall. Also rubber is weather resistant and makes a wonderful outdoor soft play surface.

Yet, as wonderfully beneficial and multifunctional they are, opting for rubber playground mats—surprisingly—won’t break the bank. Here are a couple of ways that outdoor playground mats save you a pretty penny:

  • Ease of installation: When you first see an assembled area of rubber mats, it’s not uncommon to think that the mats were installed professionally. The mats are tightly arranged and aligned neatly and straight. The ramped edges complete the premium look of the assembled rubber mats.

    Yet, contrary to its professionally installed appearance, playground mats are an easy DIY application. Our rubber mats have an interlocking feature that was designed to allow the average homeowner to install the tiles themselves without a professional installer or messy adhesives. 

    Eco Safety blue rubber tiles under a small yellow jungle gymTo assemble the mat, you first push the interlocking pins into the slots on the sides of the tiles. Next, you align the tile with the pins with another tile’s open slots and interconnect the tiles via the pins. You repeat this for the area of the mat, and voila! You have a neat- and clean-looking residential playground surface!

  • Ease of maintenance: If you are browsing playground flooring options, it’s important to consider the ease of maintenance for each option. Loose-fill playground floor materials like sand, rubber mulch and wood chips serve as a great cushiony flooring, but clean-up can get irksome. Dirt, debris and even insects can make their way into these loose-fill materials. This would be extremely difficult to clean with common cleaning utensils, and in some cases may require costly professional cleaning.

    Rubber playground mats are flat, making it simple and easy to clean with a broom. For more intensive cleaning, you can hose down the mops or run a damp mop along the surface of the tiles.

  • Floor, equipment, and fall protection: Outdoor soft play surface made from rubber serve as a cushiony barrier between hard floor surfaces and your equipment. This is a necessary feature if the playground is made of metal, which can easily damage your floors and rack up floor repair costs. Of course this remains true of those loved ones playing the space as well. The soft floor surfacing most importantly helps to protect them from falls and slips.

Outdoor playground mats are inexpensive, and, as demonstrated above, they save you money on installation, maintenance and repair costs. Yet, through all the cost-efficient features of the rubber tiles, the ultimate feature is the safety that it provides to your little ones. The mats ensure your kids won’t break a bone or break the bank.