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Rubber Garage Floors

Rubber Garage Floors are Tough Enough for Any “Man Cave”

Couch and plant on a black Eco-Sport Tile FloorTo some, it’s known as the “Man Cave.” To many families, a parking spot. To a few, it’s a place to hide, to find solace and reprieve from an overbearing parent or significant other. Residential garages are versatile and can be used for whatever tickles your fancy. Whether you use your garage for parking, lifting weights, or forming your own band, you need a garage floor that can survive almost anything.

Rubber garage floors can protect you and your possessions easily. Here are just a few reasons why rubber garage flooring is tough enough for any “man cave.”

  • Keeping floors clean:
    Muscle cars, hot-rods, and off-road jeeps are traditionally “manly” well-built vehicles. A garage can be the ideal place for a man — or woman — to store that gas guzzler. With a bit of organization and an easy-to-install DIY garage floor product, such as one made with tough recycled rubber, a garage can host your “baby” in comfort and style. Rubber garage floors are moisture resistant and can act as a protective barrier between your concrete garage floor and corrosive oil, grease, or radiator fluids. While grease on a garage floor may be impossible to clean, wiping dripping oil off the top surface of a rubber flooring roll is a breeze.
  • Red Eco-Sport Rubber tiles under a foosball tableParts protection:
    While men are rumored to lack the grace of their female counterparts, no one is immune to clumsiness. In any garage workshop, you will inevitably drop a hammer, fumble some nails, or spill some paint. No matter what type of damage may occur rubber garage floors can take a real beating! These mats contain more natural bounce and cushioning than concrete! Don’t let accidental clumsiness put you out of business or ruin your hobby — try rubber flooring for your garage workshop to protect those pricey tools. Install DIY garage floor mats to put your mind at ease!
  • Equipment protection:
    While garages tend to be catch-all spaces, housing washing machines and dryers, they usually contain plenty of space for heavy workout equipment. In any home gym joint stress and dropped equipment are inevitable. Reinforce your garage with a DIY garage floor made from durable rubber material. Rubber, which is naturally elastic, easily absorbs the shock of free weights, gym equipment, and high-impact exercise. Installing rubber garage floors is a simple way to preserve the integrity of your floor and protect yourself from injuries!
  • Comfort and cushioning:
    Standing at your workbench and tinkering in the garage for hours puts a lot of strain on your joints and back. Whether it is a “man cave”, “woman cave”, or a simple workshop, your garage needs to be a place of relaxation and quiet. Add a comfortable layer of rubber flooring over your concrete garage floor to cushion your back, legs, and joints from accumulated strain. Soft rubber garage flooring provides that give and take that prevents injuries and makes your workshop a more enjoyable place to spend your time.

Whether your garage is a fortress of solitude, a car park, or a home gym, it requires the toughest floor protection. Protect yourself and your possessions with durable rubber garage floors. Install DIY garage floor mats for ample comfort and protection that can really take a beating!