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Outdoor Playground Flooring

Seven Ways Outdoor Playground Mats Relieve Parents of Playtime Worries

Playground jungle gym on Blue Eco-Safety Rubber TilesKids seem to run on an inexhaustible supply of energy. It could be that the joy and naiveté of youth fuel an infinite drive to happily frolic about, oblivious to the trying aspects of adult life. Or maybe they just found that hidden bar of Hershey’s. Either way, children burst with energy, especially when on an outdoor playground.

To children, playgrounds appear to be some type of brightly colored playtime heaven. To parents, playgrounds appear to be some type of brightly colored hazardous hell: metal bars curling around and about, elevated floors on the playground equipment…whose idea was this? Before disassembling your playground, here are seven ways outdoor rubber flooring tiles can increase safety measures for your child:

  1. Cushion: The most important function of outdoor playground flooring is its shock-absorbing capability. Rubber is inherently elastic which can absorb impact and disperse it through the area of the material. Hard surfaces, like concrete or even the grass-covered packed dirt, do not absorb impact but instead send the impact right back at the object. That’s bad news if that object is your child’s elbow, knee, or worse.

    Our rubber tiles are also specially designed to cushion six-foot high impacts. If your child slips from the top of the jungle gym or decides to jump off the swings, the outdoor rubber flooring tiles will reduce the chances of serious injury.

  2. Blue Eco Safety Under Stairs of the Jungle Gym On a Playground Traction: Rubber has great grip which gives it great traction. This is an essential feature to prevent the likelihood of slips and falls. Kids are often erratic and clumsy in their movements, constantly running about in dizzying routes through their play area. The traction from the rubber tiles ensures that your child won’t trip from slippery or uneven ground.
  3. Water-permeability: Outdoor playground flooring tiles differ from some of our other rubber matting products because they are water-permeable and not water-resistant. Why? If the tiles were water-resistant, they would pool water at the surface of the tiles, which is a dangerous slip hazard for children. Water-permeable tiles make sure that in the event of a liquid spill or rainy day, the water will sink below the surface of the tile where it is away from children’s feet. The tiles allow drainage between them as well as below the surface.
  4. Neat and clean design: Rubber mulch and sand are flooring options of the past. They’re messy and tend to collect foreign objects that could potentially hurt your child. Based on my own childhood experiences, mulch and sand can sometimes serve as a projectile of sorts.

    Playground tiles set up a neat, clean, and even surface. This is beneficial for maintenance and also makes it easier to spot foreign objects, like shards of glass or gardening tools, which may hurt your little bundle of joy.

  5. Easy installation: Outdoor rubber flooring tiles are a cinch to install. All you need to do is insert the interlocking pins into the sides of the tile and slide it into another tile. Our DIY tiles save you the costs of professional installers and the frustration of messy adhesives.
  6. Easy maintenance: If your outdoor playground tiles are covered in debris, a simple broom will suffice to get them spic and span. If the tiles are a little dirtier, a damp mop or towel can be used to wash the surface clean.
  7. Durability: The playground tiles are made from recycled rubber tires and inherit many of their qualities. Just as tires are fit to take abuse from physical impact and the elements, this eco-friendly rubber flooring is an all-weather solution that will last through many of your child’s playground sessions.

Outdoor playground flooring tiles will increase the measure of safety and reduce the chances of critical injuries when your kid is running about the playground. When kids are on the playground, parents shouldn’t have to be holding their breath in anticipation of the worst. Laying down some rubber playground tiles and enjoying your child’s laughter is what’s best.