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Rubber Garage Mats

Find Yourself: Rubber Garage Mats for 3 Magical Garage Applications

Yellow kettlebell weight on Candy Corn Elephant Bark floorIt’s difficult to define a “garage” in universal terms. When you search for “garage” in Wikipedia, you receive a variety of interesting results ranging from “automobile repair shop” to “a US/Canadian [clothes] retailer for girls,” to “Garage Inc., a double-CD cover album by Metallica” (Wikipedia). A garage can be practically anything, however, most Americans would define a garage as a room separated from the house where they park their cars, use their washers and dryers, and store useless things they may never use again. If your garage fits into these ordinary categories it may be time to start over. With a little Do-It-Yourself renovation a garage can be transformed into something magical!

Renovation is a tricky process and I always recommend building from the ground up. Rubber garage mats are a surefire way to bring a little flare to an otherwise utilitarian room. Inexpensive garage flooring, especially those floors made from tough rubber material, can open the door to any number of possibilities, such as these three renovations:

  1. Home Gym: Imagine all of the costs and fees that accompany a pricy gym membership…the solution? Turn your old, tired garage into a home gym by installing rubber garage mats and flooring! Durable garage flooring provides a number of qualities that may be attractive to serious bodybuilders and casual gym-goers alike. Rubber floors can bring support and stability to any garage gym because rubber is naturally durable and shock absorbent. Place rubber mats under treadmills, free weights, elliptical machines, and weight machines and they will protect your equipment and preserve your garage floor, saving you time and money in the long run. This extra space can become a warm and welcoming fitness room with the addition of comfortable flooring, and let’s face it; concrete floors do not promote a psychologically warm environment.
  2. Blue Steel Elephant Bark Rubberized Flooring under KettleBell Band Room: Or maybe the musical stylings of Metallica’s Garage, Inc. are more your style. In addition to providing exceptional shock absorption, rubber garage mats naturally absorb sound as well. Form a garage band with a couple of coworkers! Bust out your old saxophone from the high school marching band and rock out to Birdland. Rubber flooring can help to dampen noise and vibration to protect you from nosy neighbors and excessive damage to your eardrums. If you’re clumsy, a rubber mat can also protect your musical instruments from falls or other impact-related damage. In other words, this inexpensive garage flooring can be really handy to have around.
  3. Workshop: Some people prefer to spend their time tinkering. If you enjoy the sweet challenge of working with your hands, rubber flooring can provide great anti-fatigue comfort for hobbyists who spend hours on their feet. Some people build bird houses while others paint landscapes or fiddle around with tools. Whether your hobby is bird-related or DIY-related, durable garage flooring (made from rubber) is a comfortable anti-fatigue surface to stand on. Rubber’s natural elasticity will support your back and your joints, preventing stress injuries and making your hobby that much more enjoyable.

No matter how you choose to define your garage, heed these words of wisdom: rubber garage mats are one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your area into something a little less conventional and a little more you. Rubber is one of the most flexible and versatile materials out there. When you try inexpensive garage flooring made from rubber, you never need to think about replacing them!