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What is the most important part of a doorway? It isn’t a decorative knocker or the color of the trim, or even the actual door itself. The majority of people don’t realize that the most important part of an entryway is the floor! More specifically, any entryway should make use of rubber door mats. The floor in front of a doorway is both the landing point and the launch pad into any home or business. The condition of the flooring or an entryway can affect an area’s overall value, aesthetic appeal, and most importantly, safety.

Rubber Door Mats Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Falls and slip-and-fall accidents are the leading causes of hospital and emergency room visits, with over 8 million annually. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), floors and flooring materials directly contribute to more than 2 million fall injuries every year. Most of these injuries (and their accompanying medial bills) could be easily prevented with use of high-quality rubber door mats. Entryways see more intense foot traffic compared to other areas because everyone entering or exiting a building must pass through the same spot. Rubber door mats are designed to protect these areas and endure that constant foot traffic, preventing slips and stopping any dirt, debris, or excess moisture from being tracked indoors. Our rubber door mats offer unbeatable slip-resistance and safety because they are made with water-resistant rubber. Most other existing floor surfaces are made of materials that become very slippery when wet. Tile, wood and concrete are prime examples of this. Entryways are plagued by winter wetness, leading to slippery interior areas and horrible potential injuries. But rubber door mats can keep people safe. Rubber is the ideal door mat material because it has a high coefficient of natural friction. This is the secret behind rubber’s success as an anti-slip flooring material. It is able to maintain this level of increased friction even when it has moisture on it. As a result, feet are much less likely to slip on a rubber welcome mat. Place rubber door mats in your home or commercial doorways to prevent falls and stop injuries from occurring.

Rubber Door Mats Keep Your Home Clean

Due to the amount of foot traffic they get, entryways are prone to accumulating a lot of dust and dirt. This can easily be tracked in on mucky shoes, and without a rubber welcome mat the dirt and debris can end up spread throughout the building. When people come into the area, they are usually tracking all the dirt and filth from the outdoors in with them. Dirt, gravel, sand, and other outdoor debris are usually stuck on the bottom of mucky footwear. But rubber door mats are a smart and cost-effective way to help keep the inside areas of your home or business clean. For starters, rubber door mats keep your home clean by preventing any tracked-in contaminants from getting inside through the use of surface textures in the mat itself. These textures are protrusions or raised patterns located across the surface of a washable door mat, and they are placed in a way to help scrape away dirt and other debris from incoming feet before they get inside your home.

Are Rubber Door Mats Waterproof?

Rubber door mats are also easy to clean and maintain because they are water-resistant and cannot develop mold. As mentioned earlier, some rubber mats have surface textures that scrape mud from the bottoms of shoes and add extra traction to slippery areas. Features like these may be great for keeping your home or business clean, but they cause the mats to become dirty quickly. Luckily, a rubber welcome mat is also a washable door mat. Since these mats are made from rubber, they are incredibly easy to clean. A washable door mat can simply be mopped or wiped down with a wet cloth, or washed with a hose! Due to its non-porous surface, a rubber washable door mat can be rinsed and then allowed to drain easily without retaining water. Even better is the fact that you do not have to scrub a washable door mat made of rubber with any high-strength cleaners. We do not recommend using caustic detergents on rubber door mats, but if a cleaning agent is needed then a simple household soap will do the trick.

More Advantages of Rubber Door Mats

A rubber welcome mat offers a host of other advantages, beyond slip resistance. With an entryway surface that takes a lot of abuse from feet over the course of any given day, it is inevitable that chips and cracks will eventually appear. Another key quality of rubber door mats is that they are tough and durable enough to protect the surfaces below. Some rubber door mats are made with recycled tire rubber, which has previously been used on vehicles and can stand up to the harshest road conditions. This eco-friendly material exhibits the same kind of physical resilience as the vehicle tires used to make them. Rubber door mats are long-lasting, even when exposed to environmental factors such as UV rays, ozone, and moisture. This means that a rubber welcome mat will easily be tough enough to stand up to year-round weather conditions. When placed over a more delicate under-surface, rubber door mats can provide protection from physically abrasive objects and potential impacts, making sure your flooring does not suffer any damage – which can be costly to repair. Though you only step on an entrance briefly, rubber also has a natural elasticity to it, and makes for a comfortable point of entry to your home or business.

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With non-slip rubber door mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts, homeowners and business managers can protect their family, friends, customers and employees, as well as reducing indoor cleaning costs. A rubber welcome mat helps stop unwanted dirt and moisture at the door, making it a very cost-effective option. Buy an affordable rubber welcome mat for your home or business and enjoy the benefits for a long time to come. Choose the rubber door mats that match the décor of your entryway – we have a huge inventory of doormats to meet your every need!