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Ground Protection Mats

Do You Need Floor Protection Mats?

In factories and other industrial locations, most existing floors are made of traditional materials like hardwood or tile, which are easily damaged by impacts. These traditional floor types are also incredibly hard and unforgiving, which can cause employees to become exhausted and less productive. You should safeguard your existing floors and keep workers comfortable by installing affordable floor protection mats made from the rubber. Our protective rubber mats will guard floors from heavy equipment, dropped tools, and the daily abrasions of employees hard at work. A nice layer of rubber flooring will serve to protect the equipment above it as well as the floor below, from one another. Rubber protective mats can transform ordinary floors into protective and comfortable floors in an affordable fashion.

What Material is Best for Floor Protection Mats?

For the purpose of floor protection mats, rubber is the best, most durable material. This is because the thick, protective rubber naturally provides an impact-absorbing surface. Consider for a moment the various different types of physically abrasive objects that are expected to come into contact with the floor: You have high volumes of foot-traffic, heavy and vibrating equipment, and heavy weights that may be dropped from high levels. These physical abrasions can cause significant damage to the floor, including chipping and cracking. Such types of damage are often very expensive to repair. Rubber floor protection mats act as a shield between abrasive objects and sensitive surfaces. A protective rubber mat can spread impacts and vibrations across its surface, preventing them from affecting the underlying floor. You can place these floor protection mats under heavy industrial machines, or in areas of heavy foot traffic or impacts, to defend the underlying floor from various sources of constant shocks and impacts each day. Rubber protective mats are an easy way to safeguard your subfloors and your expensive equipment from long-term wear and tear!

Many of our floor protection mats are made from recycled and reclaimed rubber materials and this ensures that our floor protection mats and flooring demonstrate the same physical resilience when made from recycled tires. Floor protection mats made from recycled rubber are highly durable and can handle some of the toughest workout regimens around, from cross-fit to aerobics. Our protective mats contain eco-friendly rubber materials that resist UV light and moisture, making them perfect for withstanding harsh, year-round weather conditions.

More Advantages of Rubber Floor Protection Mats

Floor protection mats made with durable, long-lasting rubber are also elastic and comfortable to stand on. Our protective mats provide a soft floor covering that is much more forgiving than concrete, tile, or wood surfaces, which are hard and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Discomfort from hard floors causes people to become exhausted and uncomfortable quickly, leading them to be less productive at work. The soft rubber texture of our floor protection mats eases the pressure placed on the joint and ankle areas of the feet. This allows your employees to continue standing and working for longer periods of time before becoming exhausted.

In addition to anti-fatigue comfort, the elasticity of rubber lends itself to vibration and sound absorption, making it an even more suitable material for use in floor protection mats and protective floor coverings. Installing protective rubber flooring in a factory or other industrial location will lessen the noise and vibrations that are created by machinery. Rubber floor protection mats not only protect the floor from damage, but also prevents the machine's vibrations from rebounding against the hard floor and damaging the equipment itself. This gives the machine a longer life, as the elasticity of the protective rubber floor will absorb most of the equipment’s impact. Furthermore, this vibration absorbency allows rubber floor protection mats to dampen sounds, reducing any noises caused by the machinery to maintain a more comfortable workplace.

Unlike traditional floorings, our protective mats demonstrate slip-resistant qualities in the presence of moisture to protect anyone who travels across the surface. This is because they are made from a solid protective rubber, which has an inherent level of traction. Rubber is one of the few materials out there that possesses a naturally high coefficient of friction, allowing it to resist sliding movements of feet and shoes. When applied to floor protection mats in industrial locations, this impressive traction-gain prevents heavy equipment from sliding around when use. Rubber floor protection mats will help to maintain stability for both your workers and your equipment, so they can feel safe and stay focused.

You can install eco-friendly rubber protective mats and flooring in your factory for a long-term and cost-effective flooring solution that protects your investments. Our rubber floor protection mats come in varying thickness gauges, depending on the product. Thicker gauges will be able to withstand heavier impacts. Regardless, all gauges of our protective rubber mats, both thin and thick, can provide a superior layer of protection for your industrial floors against impacts and vibrations. Call the Rubber Flooring Experts today, or browse our top-selling floor protection mats for industrial locations!