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Textured Floors

What Are Textured Rubber Floors?

While there are countless types of anti-slip flooring, one of the most effective and unique variations is textured rubber flooring. Rubber is already a popular flooring choice for its inherent slip-resistance, but textured rubber floors implement unique surface designs to enhance traction even further. These designs include diamond-plating, coin-top, corrugated grooves, and various other protruding patterns that aim to enhance surface traction as well as aesthetics. Textured rubber flooring is incredibly durable, safe, and attractive, making it a wise choice in any application from a home garage to a large commercial business.

Slip-Resistance of Textured Rubber Flooring

If slip-prevention is your top priority, then textured rubber floors are your perfect match. In general, rubber is a top choice in anti-slip flooring – even without a textured surface. This is because, unlike most flooring materials, rubber naturally possesses an inherent slip-resistance. Thanks to the nature of rubber, it has excellent surface traction and abrasion resistance, which in turn helps prevent slips and keep you safely on your feet. This inherent slip-resistance is enhanced even further with textured rubber. Textured rubber floors take slip-prevention to the next level by providing additional points of contact for feet and shoes to grip onto. Rather than a smooth and solid surface beneath the feet, textured rubber features a pattern of protrusions that each make contact with the feet separately. When anti-slip flooring features additional contact points such as this, it enhances the material’s surface traction even further. Some designs, such as diamond-plate, can actually fit into the grooves of shoe soles, locking in to keep you safely on your feet. Unlike regular anti-slip flooring, a textured rubber floor maintains its slip-resistance even when the surface is wet so that you can walk through moisture-prone locations without worry.

Water Resistance of Textured Rubber Floors

Textured rubber floors are ideal for outdoor walkways, locker rooms, and other moisture-prone applications! Because textured rubber flooring is designed to prevent slips, you can rest assured that all of our textured anti-slip flooring can endure water and other types of moisture with ease. We offer textured flooring options made from synthetic rubbers, reclaimed rubber materials, and even thin, flexible vinyl (PVC). All of these materials feature solid, non-porous surfaces, which keep moisture out and thus inhibit the growth of microorganisms like mildew or mold. You can also rest assured that textured rubber products will not attract insects or other pesky creatures, as they cannot feed on the rubber material. This resilience also makes many textured flooring options perfect for outdoor use! If you’re planning to install your anti-slip flooring outdoors, make sure you double-check that the material is it made from possesses good outdoor capabilities. Many of our textured rubber flooring options are made from recycled or reclaimed rubber materials, and these products are an excellent match for outdoor applications. Recycled and reclaimed rubber materials offer enhanced durability and outdoor resistances. Since recycled and reclaimed rubber generally contain a high amount of EPDM, textured rubber floors made from repurposed materials typically show excellent resistance to abrasions, UV rays, ozone, and most year-round weather conditions. These textured rubber flooring products are ideal for wet, outdoor applications such as pool areas or home patios.

Aesthetic Appeal of Textured Rubber Flooring

In addition to superior surface traction and slip-prevention, textured rubber flooring also offers an aesthetic appeal. The traction-enhancing surface textures can make attractive statements, from the mid-century modern appearance of coin-top floors to the rugged industrial look of diamond-plating. Depending on what kind of rubber they are made from, many anti-slip flooring options are available in vibrant colors to match the aesthetic of your home or business. These stylish textured rubber floors are particularly popular in commercial establishments, where appearances are almost as important as slip-prevention. Regardless of which textured rubber design you choose to install, you will find that it adds a clean and professional look to any location.

Are Textured Rubber Floors Hard to Clean?

The resilient and non-porous nature of our textured rubber flooring also makes it very easy to clean. No matter which type of anti-slip flooring you purchase, you will be able to clean it easily with water and your favorite household detergent. In most cases, textured rubber flooring can be simply hosed down, but depending on the surface-texture and how dirty the material is, you may want use a mop or gently scrub the flooring by hand. Be sure to avoid strong, caustic cleaners such as bleach to prolong the life of your textured rubber floors!

Where to Buy Textured Rubber Flooring

Whether you need anti-slip flooring for your home, business, or even an outdoor event, textured rubber floors are fit for the job. The Rubber Flooring Experts stock textured rubber flooring in countless varieties of color, thickness, and traction-enhancing surface design, allowing you to pick the perfect flooring for any application. These resilient flooring options offer slip-prevention in wet and slippery conditions, as well as durable floor protection and sleek, attractive designs. Contact a Rubber Flooring Expert today, and let us help you pick out the perfect textured rubber floors for your application!