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Terra-Flex White Washed Oak Vinyl Flooring

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

At first glance, this may seem to be a floor made from genuine white washed wood. No doubt that you will be surprised to learn that this is actually a flooring roll made from PVC. Featuring a double layer construction, this product is intended for use as protective flooring in residential and commercial settings. Visual appeal is where this flooring runner really stands out because it is designed to appear like genuine bleached white wood. The white design lends this flooring option very well to applications that are aiming to incorporate a coastal aesthetic to the area.

The top layer of this commercial flooring is composed of a tough PVC resin that is intended to endure sources of physical abrasion. This includes foot traffic and the presence of stationary heavy objects such as chairs, couches, cabinets, and tables. The vinyl on the bottom layer is also very useful for helping to protect your existing surfaces. Surfaces like wood, tile, and even concrete can get damaged quite easily and this type of damage is always expensive to repair. This PVC protective flooring acts as a barrier so that you do not have to worry about significant floor damage. It is a smart and effective way to safeguard the visual appeal and structural integrity of the existing surfaces of the area.

The installation process for this durable commercial matting roll is very easy. This flooring runner is intended for the end user to carry out a cost-saving Do-It-Yourself install. We recommend adhering these rolls into place through the use of double-sided tape. The tape is a mess-free solution that allows for temporary, or semi-permanent, installations. If the need to move these flooring rolls ever arises, you will be able to do so with relative ease.

  • Ideally suited for a Cape Cod design setup
  • Protective flooring roll made from chemically stable PVC
  • Very adaptable aesthetic, looks good with dark colored furnishings
  • Wood grain surface made to appear like a genuine wooden surface
  • Material makeup of this product includes fiberglass in order to help these rolls maintain their shape in hot and cold temperatures


Full Roll Pricing1-4 Rolls5-19 Rolls20-49 Rolls50+ Rolls
2mm x 60" x 10ft$180.00$171.00$166.50$157.50
2mm x 60" x 25ft$385.00$365.75$356.13$336.88
2mm x 60" x 57ft$750.00$712.50$693.75$656.25
Description: A white PVC flooring roll designed with a modern bleached wood finish and perfect for areas with a Cape Cod coastal aesthetic. It is 5ft wide and available in length options of 10ft, 25ft, and 57ft. This rolled product has a smooth surface and has a two layer construction which are both made from high quality virgin PVC.
Material: PVC
Top Layer:
Resin : virgin PVC – 0.5kg/m
Plasticizer : DOTP – 0.6kg/m
Stabilizer : Barium, zinc – 2.0kg/m
Treatment : UV – 5.73kg/m

Bottom Layer:
Virgin PVC- 0.49/m
DOTP : 0.58kg/m
Filler : 0.08kg/m
Pigment(ink) : 1.93kg/m
Width: 60” inch
Length: 10ft, 25ft and 57ft rolls
Thickness: 2mm or 0.08-inch
Weight: 10ft. Roll- 18lbs, 25ft. Roll- 41lbs, 57ft. Roll- 90lbs
Color: White Washed Oak
Applications:Art Studios, Bathroom Flooring, Break Rooms, Clubhouses, Exercise Equipment Flooring, Flooring for a Basement, Garage Floor Coverings, Health Clubs, Home Gyms, Hotel Lobbies, Kitchen Flooring.
What is PVC?:PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial grade salt) and 43% carbon (derived predominantly from oil / gas via ethylene). It is less dependent than other polymers on crude oil or natural gas, which are nonrenewable, and hence can be regarded as a natural resource saving plastic.
Ease of Installation:This PVC sheet flooring can easily be DIY installed by anyone using a double-sided tape.
Affordability:(1) Lower product costs means that you pay less per square foot.
(2) Little installation costs since it can be done by almost anyone using a 2-sided tape
(3) Lower maintenance costs
(4) Product with a longer life-span
(5) Do-It-Yourself easy installation means no money spent on hiring outside help
Subsurface:The subsurface of this PVC sheet flooring product is textured with a rough design so that it does a better job of staying in place on top of the base flooring it is laid on.
Easy to Cut:Cutting this flooring product is an easy process. All you need is a utility knife with a sharp blade and a straightedge for more precise and straight cuts.
Cape Cod Style:In modern culture it seems to have become an amorphous term, rather like “cottage”. A color palette of soft khaki and creamy floors, especially when accented with black fixtures or furniture. This conveys a warm, pleasant interior with light and dark color combinations making for a juxtaposed visual. If your space sees moisture then white-washed wood floors offer a warm and rustic appeal to your “Cape-Cod beach cottage” without the concern for wood floors weathering.
Cleaning:This PVC flooring roll can be cleaned with most common household cleaners and degreasers. Caustic cleaning agents like bleach must be avoided.
Availability:Terra-Flex flooring is always in stock, and will generally ship the same day.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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