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Front Door Mats

What Are Front Door Mats For?

Front door mats provide the very first impression of you and your home for anyone visiting. Think of all the homes that you have been to. Chances are high that you will have seen a home doormat at the front entrance to greet you. The front door is the place that you want to make a statement with a home welcome mat. Depending on your persona, this initial welcoming statement at your front doorstep can provide either a bold declaration or a more reserved message. A ‘Message Mat’ can make a unique statement that is reflective of your personality. For example, some people might want to demonstrate a patriotic love for their country at the front door with a flag-themed red, white and blue home doormat. Another person might choose to greet their guests with a simple home “Welcome” mat, with the greeting featured in a lovely script. Front door mats give an immediate testimonial to your individuality and your home for all who pay you visit.

What is a Welcome Mat Made Of?

Welcome mats are made from a range of different materials, including rubber, plastic, carpet, PVC, and natural coir fibers. The beauty of front door mats is that they are gifted with both aesthetic and functional appeal. While most people usually think of only the aesthetic aspect of a home welcome mat, the functional aspect is just as important and should not be ignored. Front door mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts are typically made using two high quality materials: rubber and coir. When it comes to rubber, we often employ a mix of natural and recycled rubber materials because they offer great durability – an essential element in a home doormat. Coir is a natural material that is harvested from the husks of coconuts. Front door mats with coir bristles can withstand any weather conditions and make excellent shoe-scrapers. Both rubber and coir materials are considered eco-friendly, as their production contributes to removing hazardous non-biodegradable waste in the environment.

Does a Home Doormat Go Inside or Outside?

Having a home doormat in place at your front door lowers the risk of slips and falls that can be caused by moisture or loss of traction. Front door mats can be placed indoors or outdoors, and offer a superior level of grip to most front step materials. Since the flooring usually found on a home entrance is made from wood, stone, or concrete, any moisture found on these slippery surfaces can be hazardous and lead to a fall. You will be much safer when standing on front door mats that are made using rubber materials. The rubber section of a home welcome mat is usually the part that comes into contact with existing surfaces. This design is because rubber possesses a very good level of grip, even against surfaces that are slick with moisture. Rubber front door mats offer an overall superior level of traction for those standing on top of them. By featuring a rubber underside, front door mats will also not slide out of position when people step on them. This can help ensure a smooth entry into, or exit from the house, without the worry of someone losing his or her footing.

A major benefit of having front door mats is that they help improve cleanliness. Placing a home doormat at the entrance of your home – inside or outside – is one of the easiest ways to reduce interior cleaning costs. They do this by acting as a shoe and boot scraper. The scraper qualities of a home doormat are created and enhanced through the use of either rubber surface textures or the rough fibers of a coir surface, both of which can help remove most of the dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes. Coir is particularly useful for this function thanks to its thick and rough fibers. Front door mats that have coir surfaces are great at flushing out mud, dirt, rocks, sand, and other unwanted debris, leaving it at the door instead of tracking it inside. Coir surfacing on the mats provides a larger scraping area, making sure that it gets as much outdoor debris off from incoming footwear as possible. By using a solution as simple as a home welcome mat, you are ensuring that the life of your interior flooring surfaces is lengthened.

Are Home Welcome Mats Resistant to Weather?

Our rubber and coir front door mats are extremely durable and weather resistant. Since they are expected to be placed outdoors, weather resistance is simply a must-have feature! Harvested from rubber and/or coconut trees, rubber and coir are tough materials that can withstand extreme moisture or heat and still retain their protective qualities. Some materials can be affected by the development of mold and mildew when exposed to excess levels of moisture but coir and rubber front door mats prevent these byproducts from forming.

More Benefits of Using a Front Door Mat

We’ve already mentioned some of the aesthetic advantages a home welcome mat can offer, but another of the key benefits provided by our range of front door mats is the variety of aesthetically pleasing designs that we have on offer. A home doormat might bear a welcoming greeting or slogan, or it may have a distinct pattern. The pattern can be formed with the rubber itself, or it might be colored into the coir. We have a wide range of options, and no matter which home welcome mat you choose, it will help you set your home apart from the neighbors. A good home welcome mat made using rubber and coir requires less maintenance and lasts longer than a doormat made with fabrics or carpet. Our ultra-durable front door mats are cost-effective accessories that will last you for many seasons to come! And while they bring an increased level of protection and cleanliness to your home, their various designs can show off a bit of your own personality and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home and front entryway. Protect your friends and family with affordable front door mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts. Browse our top-selling home doormat items, or call one of our product specialists for further assistance!