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Basement Flooring

What is the Best Basement Flooring to Install Over Cement Floors?

Many homes across the country have basements, cellars, or similar storage rooms. The basement is among the most quintessential parts of American homes. This is especially true of houses in the Midwest and the East Coast. Basements are one of the most functionally versatile areas in the home – and they can be boosted by the addition of rubber basement flooring. You can turn a basement into anything you want, including a home gym, a crafts workshop, an office, or even a new bedroom! The options are only limited by the layout of the basement and your imagination. However, the fact of the matter is that the basements are closer to the outdoors than the rest of the home, and thus need to be properly maintained. A good way to begin the renovation of your basement is to start with the flooring. Most basements rigid cement floors that are undesirable for just about every possible application. Concrete is hard, unforgiving, and takes damage easily, but installing a basement floor over the cement creates a comfortable and protective cover. If you’re looking for the best basement flooring to install over cement, then you should take a look at rubber basement flooring!

Is Rubber Flooring Good for Basements?

You can find a broad selection of rubber mats and flooring that are great for basements. For those revamping their basement and choosing a new surface, you will have a few basement floor options to choose from. Regardless of how you plan to use your newly remodeled basement, rubber usually makes for the best basement flooring! Our rubber basement flooring products are especially water-resistant, easy to install, and affordable. These features make them ideal for use in any basement, whether you are creating a gym, storage area, playroom, workshop or something else entirely. Our rubber basement flooring products are incredibly durable, easy to install, and cost effective. Professional installers are not needed since our rubber flooring options require very few tools and adhesives. In turn, this lowers the overall cost of your rubber basement flooring project.

Is Rubber Basement Flooring Waterproof?

Since they are so close to the outdoors, basements can be cold and wet all year long, which it is important to select waterproof basement floor options like rubber. Unlike carpet, laminate, or hardwood floors, our products are made with a naturally water-resistant material. Rubber basement flooring will not be adversely affected by the colder temperatures, or water from leaks and basement floods. Rubber is actually quite comfortable with coming into contact with water. In the event of a leak, rubber basement flooring will not suffer any permanent damage and can be easily dried off. If the existing floors of the basement do come into contact with moisture, simply dry the floors off and then install the rubber basement flooring. If a leak takes place after the installation, then remove the rubber floors, dry the space and reinstall them, just like new. During cold weather, rubber will also insulate the room making for a warmer and more comfortable floor surface. This is just another reason why rubber makes the best basement flooring.

For those looking at all their basement floor options, another very unique and useful feature about rubber is the fact that it prevents the growth of moisture-related byproducts such as rot, mold, and mildew. These microbial agents can become a health hazard if left unchecked, but fortunately inhibits their survival and growth. Rubber basement flooring helps eliminate that problem by not allowing such agents to develop on the rubber itself. Other types of flooring, such as wood, also attract unsightly creatures that like to feed on the material. Rubber attracts no such creatures, and thus will not harbor any these uninvited guests.

What is the Cheapest Way to Install a Rubber Basement Floor?

Our rubber basement flooring is also designed for easy and affordable installations. Rather than hiring a professional to install your rubber flooring, you can purchase the best basement flooring for Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects. Other basement floor options require professional help to install, but when you buy our rubber basement flooring rolls in custom-cut lengths, you only have to trim the floor and secure it with an adhesive such as double-sided tape. Our interlocking tiles, on the other hand, are even easier products to install because they do not require any adhesive. Simply assemble the rubber basement flooring tiles by fitting their interlocking tabs together and trimming the edges of the entire floor to fit the size and shape of your basement. Some tiles also come with connector pins that make sure each tile is locked securely onto the next. In recent years, interlocking tiles have become one of the most popular basement floor options with consumers!

More Advantages of Rubber Basement Flooring

Rubber basement flooring brings with it even more advantages, like the kind of durability that sets it apart as the best basement flooring. Rubber is a strong material that can endure repeated physical impacts and the pressure of heavy objects. This is especially true when rubber is used as flooring. Our matting products come in various different thickness options that help to enhance the rubber’s durable nature. Install rubber basement flooring if you plan on using having heavy equipment present in the area, such as exercise machines, weights, beds and tables. Part of the secret behind the durability of our rubber basement flooring is found within the specific type of rubber used in some of them. We make it a point to offer products made with recycled rubber whenever we can. This rubber is harvested from vehicle tires, and as a result is very well suited to handling rough physical conditions. The best part is that recycled rubber products are considered eco-friendly and are available at much more affordable price points than many of their competing synthetic counterparts that could be considered as basement floor options. One last advantage that rubber makes the best basement flooring is that it provides superior comfort and cushioning over other basement floor options. Rubber has a natural elasticity, which means it provides a little padding to feet. No matter what you are turning your basement into, it will benefit from having a little extra underfoot comfort.

Due to its water resistance, long life, comfort and easy installation, it’s hard to find more suitable and affordable basement floor options than our rubber basement flooring. Not only are our products less expensive to buy, they are less expensive to install, and have a far longer life expectancy than other floors. Our products are so durable that you can take them with you when and if you move from your current location. Can other floors make this claim? Get the best basement flooring available today from the Rubber Flooring Experts!