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Playground Flooring

What is the Best Playground Flooring?

A spacious backyard can be the perfect place for a home playground. But an essential step that many people overlook is using the best playground flooring to make sure your homemade fun land is safe enough. Installing a swing set is the easy part – ensuring the safety and comfort of your children with the right outdoor playground matting can be a lot trickier. Everyone knows that kids play rough. Any parent or teacher knows that a child is prone to scraping their knees, or even breaking a bone, when running around. Outside rubber matting for playgrounds is designed to provide the very best options in safety and comfort. Kids are always falling off of swings, slides and jungle gyms. That can’t be prevented. That’s why it is very important for them to have a safe surface to land on, and outdoor playground matting made from rubber can provide the best option.

Traditional playground surfaces have been made of sand, woodchips, dirt, and other movable floor types. While these are slightly more forgiving than rigid concrete floors, these materials gradually move to reveal a hard flooring surface below. They are truly unacceptable choices for playground surfacing, because they are rough and solid. In short, when you fall on those surfaces instead of soft rubber playground flooring, it hurts! Rubber outdoor playground matting is a simple solution, as it offers a flexible, forgiving, yet immovable surface. Rubber makes the best playground flooring because of the elastic comfort that outside rubber matting brings to a play area. The thick rubber tiles contain a high level of elasticity, which allows them to flex and absorb shocks, as well as heavy vibrations. This elasticity allows the outdoor playground matting to take in the impact of a fall, and reduce the harm done to the child falling on it. To ensure the safest flooring for your little ones, rubber playground tiles are safety tested by ASTM F1292-13 standards, and cleared for a maximum fall height of seven feet. This safety rating is very important to the health and well-being of children while they play. Having that shock absorbing quality is perhaps the most important thing for a playground surface, making rubber the best choice for playground flooring.

What is the Safest Playground Flooring Material?

Our outdoor playground matting is extremely safe, resilient and cost-effective. This is thanks to the recycled rubber material used to make our products. One very useful trait in our recycled rubber playground flooring is its durability. Recycled rubber is created by combining old vehicle tires, and the durability is inherited from these tough former tires. Just as tires are made to handle the extreme physical rigors of road travel, our outside rubber matting products can take abuse from repetitive foot traffic and heavy weights. Our products can survive roughhousing and heavy wear that is bound to take place with kids around! Our outside rubber matting combines excellent durability with affordable prices, made possible by the reduced costs of using recycled rubber. This makes our playground flooring a great value and sound investment for any backyard play area. Playground flooring will provide unbeatable protection in any weather during any season. Rubber is able to endure various outdoor environmental factors such as moisture, UV rays, and ozone. This is especially true of recycled rubber. Since it is mostly made from tires, which are constantly exposed to the elements, recycled rubber can be left in the outdoors without you having to worry about its structural integrity. After all, this is playground flooring for a reason! Outdoor playground matting which is made from rubber is designed to stay in place all year round, even if it comes into contact with more extreme elements, to ensure your child can play, rain or shine. Moisture from rain and snow can also come into contact with the rubber without developing mold or mildew, making the outdoor playground matting a healthier and safer surface for children to be on.

When it comes to providing safe surfacing through playground flooring, traction is highly desirable. When kids are playing on surfaces like concrete or asphalt, their feet have no grip. This is especially true if there is any kind of extenuating factor, such as surface moisture. The chance of a slip-and-fall accident occurring over a playground surface is significant, and falling onto such a hard surface can lead to potentially life-threatening injuries that no parent or child should have to go through. To safeguard the wellbeing of your children in a play environment, you should use playground flooring made of rubber. Outside rubber matting is a material that comes with a high coefficient of friction, and more friction means more grip. A child is far less likely to slip and fall while running around on outside rubber matting. Even if they do fall, the rubber material of the playground flooring is safety-tested and approved to cushion their fall and reduce the scope of any injuries.

How Do You Install Rubber Playground Flooring?

Another advantage when it comes to our rubber playground flooring is that it is very easy to install. You do not need to pay for professional installation because you can purchase our outdoor playground matting in an interlocking tile format. The interlocking tiles are an easy “DIY project”, which makes the cost of ownership far less than other competing playground flooring and mats. They are meant to facilitate easy installations by their very design. Interlocking playground flooring tiles come with connector pins that hold the tile mats together. The best part about having modular flooring like this is that the tiles can be moved around from one area to another as needed. If you need to move your backyard playground at any point, it is no problem to move your outside rubber matting.

Play areas around the country are beginning to invest in safer surfacing for their children. Whether yours is in your backyard or in a schoolyard, consider the benefits that they will bring to the kids. Don’t let a nasty injury stop them from enjoying this period in their lives. Find the playground flooring that are right for your backyard by browsing our top-selling items or contacting a Rubber Flooring Expert today!