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Playground Slide Landing Mats

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This rubber mat is available in 3 sizes to cover the landing area of any commercial slide. The slide rubber mats are 5-millimeter thick and are available in 32”-by-39”, 35”-by-31”, 36”-by-48”.  They are available in a black with a leather-top surface texture.

Being made from natural and reclaimed rubber raw material, these rubber mats are made to last in outdoor conditions. Containing reclaimed rubber as an ingredient allows this product to exhibit the qualities of tires, the materials that reclaimed rubber is made from. These playground slide mats will show excellent weathering characteristics in any climate and will service to protect the landing area of a slide.

Why use an outdoor mat for under slides? Surface areas that experience extra impact and use, will generally suffer from more abrasion than normal. This will cause the existing floors to wear and decay quicker and show age. In most commercial playground the playground surfacing is an expensive investment. Protecting the floors so that they have luster over the years is of the utmost importance. Heavy traffic areas, like the slide land area, are a perfect place to add an extra coating of surface protection. An outdoor mat for slides that absorbs the impact of those coming down a slide is a very pragmatic and inexpensive means to add years to your playground.

Playground mats for under slides also serve to offer a non-slip landing area.  This will help mitigate any safety issues when kids are coming down the slide. By adding a rubber mat that is non-slip, the landing area of a slide can reduce the speed of the person at the bottom of the slide and help them navigate a slower stop. In a sense, the non-slip rubber mat is a safety mat for bottom of a slide.

  • Available in 3 rectangular sizes
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Water-resistant and will now let moisture pass
  • Surface texture aides in making for a non-slip surface
  • Offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance
Mat Pricing1 Unit+10 Unit+25 Unit+100 Unit+
5mm x 32" x 29"$50.00 $47.50 $46.25 $43.75
5mm x 35" x 31"$58.00 $55.10 $53.65 $50.75
5mm x 48" x 36"$99.00 $94.05 $91.58 $86.63
Description:This vulcanized rubber mat is composed of natural and reclaimed rubber materials and designed specifically for floor protection. The 5mm thickness (just under 1/4-inch) offers an excellent layer of protective flooring to keep light moisture off the floor surface. This playground slide mat will protect the ground surface from impact, scraping and other surface damage. Being made from natural and reclaimed rubber ingredients, this outdoor slide mat has excellent weathering characteristics.
Material: Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 32” x 29” - 2.4kg - 5.5lbs 35” x 31” - 2.8kg - 6.5lbs 36” x 48” - 7.2kg - 16.2lbs
Thickness: 5mm
Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
Color: Black
Moisture Proof: The top surface of this rubber mat is impervious to water vapor. This rubber mat will help reduce water puddles under slides by diverting the moisture. This under the slide mat will reduce surface damage by reducing the amount of moisture that can gather below a slide.
Floor Protection: Rubber landing mats for slides should be placed under the landing area of a slide to act as a buffer between the oncoming feet and the ground floor. This rubber slide mat is designed is three sizes so that consumers can choose the proper sizes for their playground area. This rubber mat will protect your subfloors from moisture, abrasion, and impact.
Cleaning: Since this rubber mat is made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials, it demonstrates a good resistance to both moisture and mild cleaning solutions. The rubber anti-vibration mat can be washed easily with water and most common cleaners, allowing you to clean the mat with your favorite household detergent. Please refrain from using bleach or other strong, caustic cleaners, as strong chemicals can cause the rubber mat to discolor or degrade quickly.
Availability:This rubber is generally in stock.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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