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Rubber Anti-fatigue Mats

Why Are Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats The Best Kitchen Floor Mats!

person standing on black foot rest anti-fatigue mat in a warehouseAnyone who stands on his or her feet for long periods of time will truly appreciate antifatigue matting (misspelled on purpose since over 10,000 times a month this word is searched for in the US!). There are many different types of workplaces and finding the right anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat for your home or restaurant is important. Anti Fatigue mats, in a commercial setting, can reduce body stress and increase workers productivity, while improving company morale and efficiency.

Just like entrance floor mats, which types of mats are affordable anti fatigue mats for one customer may not be so affordable for another. The fatigue mats manufactured today are as diverse as they are plentiful; this could pose a challenge to the ill informed. All anti fatigue mats are not equal. Since each manufacturer attempts to equip his product with features and benefits that provide an edge over a competitor's product. The key to choosing an affordable fatigue mat is in matching the features of the mat with the desired benefit for the end user.

person standing on black foot rest in a room Rubber is premier material for this application. Rubber anti-fatigue mats make it easier to stand for long periods of time with less discomfort. Why is rubber so popular? Here are seven reasons.

  1. Rubber floor mats are far more durable than foam options. They do not tear or rip like foam mats. Cellular foam mats lose their bounce back while rubber has far longer life expectancy.
  2. Rubber mats made from Nitrile have excellent resistance to greases and oils. Use it in fryer stations or any area that is heavily exposed to fats and oils.
  3. They are easy to clean. Use a mop take them out and hose them down! Water does not harm rubber anti-fatigue mats!
  4. Rubber offers enhanced traction, while comfort may be what you are shopping for, grip and traction are also offered by many good rubber matting manufacturers.
  5. Rubber is the best safety mat on the market! Even when wet rubber has excellent grip.
  6. .Some mats are made from recycled rubber products. Be Eco-Conscious and guilt free, that usually is not the case with plastics.
  7. Rubber mats are very affordable.

Some other things to consider when picking a mat: For instance, choosing anti fatigue floor mats that are designed for dry areas and then using them in areas where oils, animal fats or liquids are present will result in a shorter lifespan for the mat. Rubber anti fatigue mats utilized incorrectly may result in safety hazards to the end user, degradation of the mat and/or a maintenance nightmare. Choosing the right type of rubber mat will result in an increase in productivity, a safer work environment, the fatigue mats will be much easier to keep clean and finally, your fatigue mats will have a much longer usable lifespan.

If the wrong anti fatigue mats are chosen, the resulting situation almost always ends up costing more money. The wrong fatigue mats may degrade sooner this is the replacement cost factor. If the wrong kitchen anti fatigue floor mats are chosen it also presents a safety issue. As well as the costs attributed to slip and falls. Fatigue mats that are difficult to keep clean can promote hazardous germ growth and require increased maintenance expenditures to keep the mats clean.

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