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Safety Rubber Matting

Safety Flooring Provides Extra Protection on Construction Sites!

black corrugated wide rib outside near the construction workerWhen my little brother was younger he was always fascinated by all the noise and activity that went on at construction sites. There was a local community center that was rebuilding a section of the building and we would pass it all the time on the way to the local library. There were giant cranes which were lifting steel bars with tight cables and slowly moving them from one place to another. How did the workers find their way around the site? Large yellow bulldozers with wheels that were bigger than my brother and I combined pushed around mounds of dirt, altering the landscape into something entirely different. One thing that we noticed was that each and every person that was working at the construction site was wearing a yellow crash helmet. We knew that these weren’t only for style but that they were important in protecting the heads of these construction workers. Also, who or what directed the traffic at these sites? In this labyrinth of dirt and machinery, how did parts and people know which way to go?

close up shot of black corrugated wide rib runner matSafety helmets may be protecting the workers’ heads but it may not be enough on a construction site! It is best to maximize safety on the site, especially since construction areas can be highly risky. If complicated equipment is involved it is important that it is well taken care of in order to minimize danger and risks. Rubber flooring is durable yet inexpensive, this makes its use appropriate in environments that are severe. Although safety should not have cost associated with it, for management, it does! Liability costs due to accidents are high and any product that can minimize costs and increase safety is highly touted. Safety rubber matting can define pathways and direct traffic. While it denotes the direction of the walkway, rubber mats will also provide a safe slip-resistant surface to walk on. Rubber safety flooring helps manage paths and homogenizes otherwise unpredictable conditions.

Placing rubber safety flooring under generators and other equipment definitely helps preserve the quality of the machine. It can also protect smaller items, like tape measures and levelers, from the damage that comes from accidental drops. A lot of construction sites are surrounded by concrete, rock, and other hard surfaces, so it is easy to damage these small tools. Rubber is the ideal material for construction site matting because it is a highly weather resistant compound. Tough and durable synthetic rubber flooring can withstand ozone, rain, temperature extremes, and harsh UV sun exposure without losing its resilient qualities. Outdoor construction projects can span lengths of time, but outdoor rubber safety mats will be sure to deliver, no matter what’s being built!

Regardless of the conditions a layer of (very affordable) rubber matting can pay large dividends in a variety of safety flooring matters. Whether it be protecting equipment, delineating a trail, making floors slip-resistant, or just making a space more comfortable, safety rubber matting is the smart choice!