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Rubber Step Treads

Rubber Step Treads Are as Important as Umbrellas for this Rainy Season

black block grip rubber stair mats set on stairwaysAs the wet winter season approaches, using rubber step treads is a necessary precautionary step to avoid potentially injurious slips and falls. The necessity for step treads is greater if you have kids or older adults traveling the walkways of your residence.

Let’s follow our imaginary friend Pat through one unfortunate November afternoon. Buckets of rain persistently poured down all day, and showed no signs of letting up. Equipped with a pair of weathered rain boots and an umbrella, Pat left his house to pick up his two children from school. He arrived at the elementary school, greeted by his two smiling, rain-soaked children.

They beg Pat to drive home as fast as he can because they don’t want to miss the new episode of Spongebob Squarepants, which starts in five minutes. Pat nods to appease them, but doesn’t go any faster than is safe in this inclement weather. Pat and his children finally arrive home safely, and only about two minutes past the start of Spongebob.

black Block-Grip Rubber Stair Mats on stairwayIn their uncontrolled excitement, the kids bolt out of the car and towards the front door. Before Pat could tell them to slow down, his daughter, the younger of the two, slips on the slick, wet steps. With bated breath, Pat rushes over to his daughter and is relieved to discover she has only scuffed her palms. They all walk inside, out of the rain. As he tends to his daughter’s scratches, Pat wonders about the worst that could’ve happened.

The chances of slipping and falling greatly increase when the floor surface is wet or slippery. The chances of slipping increase further when climbing wet walkway steps since you must now elevate and shift your balance. In the hypothetical story of Pat, his daughter only suffered scratches, which is the best anyone can hope for when you slip and fall. However, under certain circumstances, a slip and fall can lead to a sprained ankle, a broken arm or head trauma.

A simple and easy way to prevent slipping on wet walkway steps is to lay down some rubber step treads. Step treads are basically rubber mats for steps in your walkway or patio. A step mat is placed on each step with minimal adhesive, like double-sided tape, to keep it in place.

Most residential walkways have concrete steps, which become slippery when wet. In contrast, a rubber step mat retains grip and traction when wet, making it an ideal floor surface for the upcoming rainy season. More floor surface traction lessens the likelihood of an accident to you and your loved ones.

Setting up rubber mats for steps on your walkways or patios is an easy way to prevent slips and falls. Rubber step treads are offered in a variety of different patterns to match the aesthetic of your home. The durability of an all-weather step mat ensures that the affordable mats provide safety and peace of mind for many wet winters to come.