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Rubber Stair Runners

Rubber Stair Runners Preempt the Hazards of a Slippery Staircase!

black star Rubber Stair Treads set mats on stairsLaying down rubber step mats throughout your production floor is a necessary safeguard to prevent employee injuries that may occur on staircases. Working on industrial production floors is a hazardous profession, where there is potential for accidents and resulting injuries.

Tons of rattling heavy-duty machinery, the hustle and bustle of busy-bee employees and the fatigue of physical labor and long hours are parts to an equation for potential disaster. Probability for problems amount when your employees have to climb up and down flights of stairs to accomplish their tasks. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unintentionally slipping and falling was the number one nonfatal injury in the US, accounting for 29.4 percent of unintentional injuries. Considering possibly hazardous working conditions, installing rubber stair runners will not only secure the safety of your employees but also avoid liability for work-related injury.

black step rubber stair treads outside marble stairwaysA major reason for slips and falls on stairs is the lack of traction. Stairs made of metal or concrete do not provide the greatest traction especially when moist or covered in dust. Place step mats on each step to ensure maximum traction. Rubber’s natural high coefficient of friction offers plenty of traction to keep your workers on their feet. Rubber runners and mats also have rubber treads that further reduce the chances of slipping and falling.

Another benefit of step mats is the visual assistance it provides. It may sound silly, but for employees with poor eyesight, a visually-defined step can make the difference between traveling up stairs and tumbling down them. Especially if the production facility has poor lighting, rubber step mats can visually define steps and get them safely up.

By reducing the probability of any work-related injury, you avoid costly lawsuits and compensation. With the wet winter season creeping in, you can expect slick and wet floors that could lead to such an accident. Don’t wait for an accident to happen before you acknowledge the hazards of stairs. Take preventative action!

Rubber stair runners are incredibly durable and are resilient through even the most heavy foot traffic. When the mats get grimy or dusty, cleaning the mats is as simple as wiping it with a damp towel. Step mats are an affordable long-term investment that can prevent stair-related accidents and injuries to your valued employees.