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Rubber Stair Mats

Secure Rubber Treads for Stairs Can Outsmart Slick and Slippery Stairways

Black Diamond Plate rubber stair mats on outside stairwayRain is great— it washes smog out of the city air, cleans away dirt and grime, and leaves behind a great feeling of freshness. However, rain can also be dangerous, especially when it makes its way into stairways. Anyone that has ever taken a tumble down the stairs can testify—it’s no fun, and it can also result in serious sprains and injuries. Stairwells are among the most common areas for slips and falls, so if your residence or establishment has stairs anywhere it is important to install a set of stair step mats! Rubber step mats, or rubber stair mats, are narrow strips of rubber matting that are placed on each step to ensure secure footing. Rubber has a naturally high friction grip which creates a non-slip surface that provides traction against falls. Even if your visitors have been singing in the rain, you know that your durable stair mats will ensure that they won’t be crying to the hospital!

Installing rubber treads for stairs makes a big difference but is actually a very simple process. Rubber strips are ideal because they are thin enough to be unobtrusive or unaesthetic, but also sturdy enough to endure heavy foot traffic. The strips can generally stay put under their own weight, so no adhesive is required—in areas that receive a great deal of rain, ice, and snow, adhesives are available for permanent installations. If you choose to, a double-sided carpet tape can also ensure that the stair step mats stay put. Even though they are thick, they are also lightweight and can be easily rolled up and stored during the dry summer season. A set of black stair treads can also add a polished, professional appearance to your business. There really are no disadvantages to adding stair step mats to your home, office, restaurant, or store— safety always comes first. You don’t want visitors to be greeted with a slippery staircase so eliminate the danger of injuring yourself, your friends, or your customers!