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Heavy Duty Gym Mats

Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats: The Heavyweight Champions of Gym Mats

guy working out on a yoga ball in fitness roomI recently published an article about the ways heavy-duty rubber mats can be extremely important in the care of horses and livestock, citing the incredible durability and functionality of rubber as a great form of protection. Rubber mats protect horses' legs and feet from injury, providing a water-resistant surface on which these two-ton animals can stand, eat, and sleep without danger. Yes, rubber really is that durable.

But horses aren’t the only animals whose wellbeing depends on the health of their legs and feet. Every time a human hits the gym without the proper equipment — be it the weight room, an aerobics class, or a treadmill — he or she risks injury. Without a flexible, cushioned surface, human joints can accumulate stress over time and eventually suffer crippling injuries.

From running to serious weight training, high-impact exercise can cause future injuries and compound old ones. Serious weight lifters, especially, are prone to injury, whether from the constant stress placed on their joints or from falling weights and equipment. So what’s a heavyweight champion to do?

person exercising on black tuff flex in a room Invest in heavy-duty gym mats for any commercial or home weight room. The qualities of heavy-duty rubber mats don’t just work for horses and livestock—they work for us, fitness enthusiasts too!

Many heavy-duty mats are made from crumb rubber, which includes pieces of recycled rubber tires. These mats provide easy cushioning and absorb shock to protect human backs, legs, and feet just as easily as they protect our heavier equine pals. Recycled rubber tires, which are manufactured for all-weather durability and long life, are ideal for abrasive applications like these. Heavy-duty rubber matting is also a great way to save money on future medical bills. Knee replacements are not cheap!

Heavy-duty gym mats are also tough enough to be a thick, durable barrier between heavy exercise equipment and hardwood or linoleum floors. Just as rubber gym mats can easily support a thousand-pound horse, they can keep heavy machinery and exercise equipment from rattling around and damaging more delicate surfaces.

This kind of protection is especially useful in weight rooms. Dropped weights and heavy machinery are a fact of life in all gyms and weight rooms. By placing a rubber gym mat in any weight area, you can easily protect your floors — and your feet — from harm. Because rubber is a naturally elastic material, heavy-duty mats provide a tough, forgiving layer of surface protection.

By preventing damage to weight room floors and avoiding expensive medical bills, lifters can save a heavy chunk of change with heavy-duty rubber matting. There’s nothing more important than protecting your investments — and your body is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Investing in affordable heavy duty rubber mats insures you and your equipment.