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Cushioned Mats

Comfort Mats Show Concern for Your Employees and the World

person with brown shoes standing on black comfort foam cloud matHow are recycled rubber comfort mats relevant to modern society? Today, our culture has a heightened ecological awareness of the world we inhabit due to advances in technology. More and more people are aware of mankind’s impact on nature, and, as a result, people worldwide are gearing themselves towards the “green revolution.”

As a business owner, it is important to realize how meaningful the “green revolution” is to our modern society. Eco-consciousness is an indication of concern for our world and also a meter of your relevance in society. Don’t fall behind the curve; take steps to foster an eco-conscious mindset in your industrial business.

So, how could you join the “green revolution” yet also contribute to efficiently running your industrial business? Kill two birds with one stone by laying down some recycled rubber comfort mats in your factory, manufacturing plant or warehouse floor.

Cushioned mats contain recycled rubber from car tires. Annually, 290 million tires are retired in the U.S. alone (U.S. EPA). Thanks to advances in technology and modern society’s heightened eco-consciousness, 80.4% of the scrap tires (or 233 million tires) are used in scrap tire markets. These scrap tire markets recycle the rubber to be used again for things such as fuel, rubber asphalt, and other tire derived products such as, you guessed it, our rubber comfort mats. Recycled rubber mats are cheaper, just as durable, as well as eco-friendly.

person with brown shoes standing on black comfort foam cloud mat Aside from being eco-friendly, recycled rubber cushioned mats are business-friendly. Our mats are affordable and, more importantly, serve as a long-term investment. When installed on the production floor, rubber mats reduce the stress and strain on your employees’ joints and muscles caused by repetitive physical activity. Rubber’s natural shock-absorbing qualities dissipate the forces of movement into the mat rather than into an employee’s body. A healthy employee is a productive one.

Cushioned mats can also serve as protection for your heavy-duty machinery. Placing these mats between your machinery and a hard floor surface prevents damage to your floor and the machinery. The rubber mat absorbs the vibrations that could possibly shake and rattle the mechanisms in your industrial machinery. Purchasing these mats preempts bothersome repair costs whilst contributing to the “green revolution.”

In the grand scope of planet Earth, an individual might feel that their efforts towards being eco-conscious are infinitesimal or futile. But, an individual is a part of a collective, and as a collective we can truly make meaningful and significant acts to heal our world. Fortunately, as a business owner, you can make an eco-conscious contribution to the world and also increase the efficiency of your business. Utilizing these comfort mats demonstrate a genuine concern for your employees and in the grand scope of things, the world.