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Cushioned Floor Mats

Cushioned Floor Mats Save Business Owners Time, Money and Stress!

person standing on black dura chef Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats  Cushioned floor mats are wise investments for industrial business owners. A successful business owner is one who has impeccable foresight, almost like an entrepreneurial oracle. A successful manager is always on their toes, completing their present tasks at hand and, more importantly, anticipating and preparing for the challenges ahead. He or she is like a masterful chess player is never caught off-guard or being distracted by short-sighted goals. Do you match the description?

Today, running an industrial business is challenging more than ever. Census data taken by the U.S. Census Bureau report that 69 percent of employer establishments in the U.S. survived for two years and 51 percent of establishments survived for at least five years ( Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that only 34 percent of establishments survive past 10 years and an even lower 26 percent survive past 15 years (

Be a part of the 26 percent, and invest in cushion mats for your production floor. Turn your industrial business into an efficient and successful machine. Investing in cushioned floor mats can help you manage these three facets of running a successful business:

  1. Maximize Productivity: It’s important that a business is never stagnant and always moving forward. There should never be “down time.” But, when running an industrial operation, it is inevitable that there will be hiccups in the process. Staff members get tired and when their rate of errors increases, the opposing rate of productivity decreases. Not shocking that most employers offer free coffee and comfortable break rooms. But if an employer could make the place of work more comfortable, which is where staff spends most of their time, the other amenities then become just perks. Another scenario is dropped parts or increased breakage! Or, one of the tools necessary for production breaks after being dropped on the concrete industrial floor.

    person standing Orange Dura-Chef anti-fatigue kitchen mat in a warehouseA rubber cushion pad is a deterrent for many of these hiccups on the production floor. The slip-resistant quality of rubber reduces the likelihood that your workers will suffer from a slip or fall, even when in the presence of dust and moisture. The mats also safeguard your heavy-duty machines and tools from being damaged by a hard concrete floor. Avoiding such incidents means that more time is allotted to production rather than “down time.”

  2. Save money: Simple economics posits that if your revenue exceeds your costs and expenses you are making a profit. Thus, it is only natural to avoid any unnecessary costs and expenses. In the case of industrial operations, a good manager must anticipate and prevent costly damages to their tools and machinery.

    By placing cushion mats under your heavy-duty machinery you can avoid costly repairs for your machines. The mechanisms within industrial machines are prone to damage from its own constant vibrations. If the machine is on a hard floor, these harmful vibrations are multiplied. Using a rubber cushion pad absorbs the shock and vibrations of heavy-duty machinery, saving you from repair costs.

  3. Avoid stress: An entrepreneur must be a great juggler; that is, he or she must be able to oversee and manage many of the functions of their operation. Sudden incidents, like a worker getting badly injured or a machine breaking down, only add more issues for a business owner to juggle. Installing a rubber cushion pad wherever there is a foreseeable safety accident or costly repair means a business owner can devote his full attention to his own immediate responsibilities.

Strategic and methodical business owners are never victims of circumstance. They manage every possible aspect of their operation and constantly prepare for challenges ahead. In the particular case of industrial business owners, utilizing cushioned floor mats is a simple, easy and affordable investment to save time, money and stress. With a little foresight and preventative action your industrial business will undoubtedly succeed.