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Anti Vibration Rubber Pads

Anti Vibration Rubber Pads Can Reduce Vibration in Washers

kettlebell on black shark tooth heavy duty matDear Rubber Flooring Experts,
     I need anti-vibration rubber pads! I just bought a new washer-dryer set to replace my old, beaten-down machines. Those old geezers were so loud—they would shake the whole house! Definitely, they were at a point of retirement. I installed my slick, new washer and dryer, excited to say goodbye to the loud old models. However, it wasn’t until I put in my first load and pressed start, that I realized how the new models weren’t that much quieter! It wasn’t a problem with the machines themselves… it was a problem with the vibrations. I’m looking for an easy way to reduce vibration coming from these machines, and was hoping rubber could work.
- Shhh

Dear Shhh,
     Newer washers may be a little bit quieter, but that does not mean the vibrations will stop entirely! The vibration of your washer just reflects how hard the machine is working on the inside, and there’s no washer out there that is entirely still and silent! However, what you can do to help fix your situation is invest in anti vibration rubber pads. The Rubber compounds used to make these pads are naturally resilient, with high elasticity and tension in order to efficiently absorb impact. Because vibration is just a series of small impacts, the rubber mat can definitely handle it. In your case a thick rubber mat can reduce vibration easily. You can try one large rubber mat to place under both machines, or separate them so each machine has its own rubber matting. The variety of gauges available allows you to choose the best possibility for your specific need. We offer custom cut rolls as well, so that you can purchase the exact footprint of your equipment. Rubber mats will also reduce the creeping action which results from vibrating equipment. Overall, rubber is a great washing machine vibration damper, it should also eliminate some of that irritating noise!

- The Rubber Flooring Experts