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Anti Slip Mats

Are Rubber Anti Slip Mats Right for Me - Ask The Rubber Flooring Expert?

Black Coin Grip Flooring under containers of glue and packaging tapeDear Rubber Flooring Experts,
     I am looking for anti-slip mats! I am a small business owner and I am always looking for ways to protect my employees and my business. If there is one thing I have learned as a long-time business owner it is that you can never be too careful!
     My company recently moved to a new office in the business district of our city. Attached to our new office is a warehouse, an older building that hasn’t been updated or renovated in quite a while. We have been looking for an on-site warehouse to package and ship our products from, but we haven’t had the chance until now.
     The only problem is that the warehouse has rough, uneven concrete floors. Some areas even have numerous cracks and holes. As a small business, we can’t afford to renovate the warehouse until we have settled in. A good friend referred me to your web site for some good rubber anti slip mats. How can I ensure the safety of my employees and contractors until we get everything u and running? What are the best rubber mats to buy for my warehouse? Help!
—Trapped in Concrete

Dear Trapped,

     First of all, congratulations on your new property! In this tough economy, we are glad that your business is thriving enough for you to make such an important move. We hope that you and your employees find prosperity at your new office location.

     Now as to industrial anti-slip flooring! The best way to keep your employees safe is to make sure your working conditions are pristine. However, we understand that these things may take some time. Due to permits, paperwork, and various other hang-ups, sometimes a permanent solution isn’t immediately available. Rough areas, broken concrete, deep holes, and cracks can trip workers while they are packaging products or operating heavy machinery. Luckily, our rubber industrial anti-slip flooring can help!

     In many warehouses, slippery floors are a huge problem. Rubber mats and flooring of any kind can help to alleviate joint stress, get rid of slippery areas, and protect warehouse floors from heavy-duty machinery. But rubber anti slip mats, in particular, will give your warehouse the kind of safety and security you need in the interim.

Black coin grip PVC flooring in a warehouse      Concrete floors can be especially slippery when there are liquids involved. Oils, greases, and water may drip onto the floor and create dangerously slick areas where workers can injure themselves accidentally. Rubber flooring provides a safe floor covering for these applications that isn’t just another floor surface — it’s also a precautionary measure against slips and falls, and a softer floor surface that is easy to clean.

     Rubber is a naturally slip resistant material. Because rubber has a high coefficient of friction and naturally repels water it is the perfect material for anti slip mats. Place these rubber floor mats in warehouse doorways, assembly lines, over broken concrete, and in other areas to prevent employee injuries before they occur. Our rubber safety mats can be purchased as rolled rubber runners in custom-cut lengths, or as individual mats. They may have drainage holes, corrugated surfaces, and other features for added safety.

     If you have a large concrete area with numerous problem spots then you need widespread safety coverage. Trapped, for your situation we recommend a solid industrial anti-slip flooring that will have longer life than standard consumer type floor mats. If the main problem is the slick, uneven surface in your warehouse then take a look at our rolled rubber flooring — our flooring rolls are solid, slip resistant, and extremely cost effective in abrasive applications like yours!

     Good luck with your new warehouse, Trapped. We wish you all the best!

— The Rubber Flooring Experts