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Anti-fatigue Floor Matting

Anti Fatigue Floor Matting Can Help Relieve Back Pain

Black Revolution Interlocking flooring tiles in a security roomAnti-fatigue floor matting can provide excellent support for aching and tired backs! According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is one of the most reported conditions found in the average person. Thirty-one million Americans suffer from chronic or occasional back pain and about one half of all working Americans stated that they experience these symptoms regularly.

A layer of resilient and pliable floors under the feet of employees will help reduce the strain of the day. Corporate managers and business owners have a vested interest in the health and happiness of their staff; aching backs and extremities only lead to psychologically unhappy staff who will unknowingly transfer their discontent to customers. Anti-fatigue mats increase worker productivity by keeping staff energetic throughout the day.

The human back houses the valuable spinal cord which keeps bodies in motion. Because it has to house this fragile system, the back is a complex structure of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. All of these parts are subject to injury and irritation especially after prolonged wear. Prolonged wear is not necessarily active movement— it even includes long periods of inactivity. All work activity, no matter if it is sitting behind a computer desk, operating a machine or vehicle, or simply manual labor, can have harmful effects. In areas where employees are required to stand or walk for extended periods of time, an example being most food service jobs, more strain is placed on the back to support and keep the body upright. In these cases, it is valuable to have some sort of floor cushioning that can reduce physical strain.

Rubber flooring is an ideal option for comfort surfacing, due to the natural resilience and elasticity of the material. In contrast with hard wood or cement flooring, rubber gently depresses with each impact which allows for softer steps and less strain on joints and muscles. Anti fatigue floor matting helps reduce strain on back muscles and joints as well as other body parts like knees and ankles. Rubber anti fatigue mats retain tension which translates into bounce-back. This cushions the feet and keeps the body energized. By providing softer standing surfaces it is possible that companies can actually increase worker productivity by helping reduce back pain and other physical stresses.