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Washer Vibration Mat

Vibration Pads Can Soften Laundry Room Noise Trouble

ladder on black tuff n lastic Anti-Slip FlooringWhen doing laundry, everyone knows to separate their darks and whites- but have you ever thought about separating your machines from the laundry room floor? The thought had never crossed Paul’s mind either, until he moved to a new flat in which the laundry room was right next to his studio office. Paul is a museum architect, who spends hours drawing meticulously fine lines and precise angles. It wasn’t until he sat down to sketch up a new design, that he realized how disruptive the constant vibration of the washer and dryer was to his work. Paul began searching for solutions, and came across a simple and effective idea: vibration pads! Thick gauge rubber flooring makes a great washer vibration mat, due to its excellent impact absorption qualities. With gauges ranging from 1/4” to 1”, these rubber mats can handle all models, shapes and sizes of washers and dryers. No matter if you have an old, noisy washer or a quiet energy- efficient model, there is a thickness that will be perfect for it.

Sure enough, the spin cycle was no match for shock resistant rubber! Once Paul installed a set of shock absorbing mats under his washer and dryer, he noticed a significant reduction in noise, and saw that the rhythmic shaking was also greatly minimized. Whereas before, it was a rhythmic pounding, it was now reduced to a lighter hum. Rubber flooring was the perfect solution to the bothersome effects coming from the next room—the pads were cost-efficient, as well as easy to install. Paul simply unrolled the washer vibration mat and let the weight of the washer and dryer hold them down—no adhesives or pins required! The mats were also water resistant, so even if the washer leaked, it wouldn’t be a problem. Satisfied with his innovative solution, (i.e. vibration pads) Paul was then able to sit down at his studio, and sketch out new designs with fewer disturbances.