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Rubber Cushion Flooring

Rubber Cushion Flooring Protects Your Machinery from Costly Damages

person with brown leather shoes walking on black comfort cloud matCushion flooring not only protects your factory workers but also your industrial machinery. When you think of cushioning an image of a soft pillow comes to mind and how it buffers a harder surface from your noggin. The human head is fragile, so of course we need a cushion. Considering this, one may wonder why heavy-duty machinery needs some kind of cushion. Looking at these hulking machines it’s easy to forget how fragile they can be, not to mention the fact that they have moving parts and are constantly in motion. The vibrations and constant rattling affect the long-run health of the equipment; why not take advantage if there was a way to reduce this impact on the machinery without harming its productivity.

Whether you’re manufacturing car parts or gumballs, the machines that pump out your products are all essentially an intricate system of moving parts and mechanisms. An engine chugs out enough power to move pulleys that crank the gears that allows a machine to operate. Although this may sound like an elementary school science project, this system is common in most machines. A machine is the sum of its parts, if even one part is dysfunctional the entire machine will fail to operate.

person with black leather shoes standing on top comfort cloud mat Just as you take care of the employees of your industrial operations you must also safeguard your machinery from harm or damage. An inexpensive solution, like a cushioned mat, can protect your machinery from potential damages. We offer a variety of light and heavy-duty mats which can handle almost anything. We use some of our thicker (3/4”) mats to catch the weight of container shafts (weighing about 45,000 lbs) which rest on our black-top. Why damage the costly asphalt when a $25 rubber mat will do the trick again and again? Here are a couple of features of cushion flooring that could keep the gears turning:

  1. Shock-absorption: Machines shake, rattle and sometimes roll. With all the inner mechanisms constantly at work, it’s characteristic for a machine to move and vibrate. Just look at a washing machine or under the hood of your car. Such vibrations are potentially harmful to the machinery itself considering the fragile and intricate system of a machine’s parts. If a machine sits atop concrete or another hard surface, the shocks to the machine are amplified.

    Cushion flooring, placed underneath your machines, reduces the vibrations and shocks that could possibly shake a nut loose or misalign gears. The flooring is made of rubber which is naturally a shock-absorbing material.

  2. Traction: The same shakes that could damage a machine’s inner mechanisms could also cause the machine to move despite its own weight. This movement can damage your production floors and pose a physical threat to your employees. Throw a rubber cushioned mat under your machines to provide traction for the machine. You’ll avoid repair costs and potential injurious production floor accidents.
  3. Anti-static: As the gears grind and pulleys tug, friction can build up a static charge that could potentially harm your employees or even damage your other machinery. To avoid this, you must use anti-static materials for your flooring. Some rubber mats are not conductive to electricity, which ensures that static charges won’t make their way to your employees or other machinery.

Cushion flooring is a great way to protect the machines that turn the gears of your production operations. The inherent qualities of rubber safeguard the machines from unforeseeable damages and the subsequent expensive repairs. It is because of rubber’s resiliency and durability that utilizing rubber flooring is a long-term investment that will keep your machines chugging away.