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Heavy Duty Floor

A Heavy-Duty Industrial Rubber Mat Can Keep Machines Running Smoothly!

Person standing on Diamond Plate Rolled Rubber MattingThe labor force may be the workhorse that propels an industrial operation but they wouldn’t be able to get the job done without the tools of the trade: heavy-duty machines and equipment. The elaborate system of revolving gears, tugging belts and everything in between allows manufacturing companies to produce goods more efficiently. With this said, it’s vital to protect the delicate heavy-duty machinery on your factory floor with industrial rubber mats!

A heavy-duty industrial mat is a trade accessory that can prove to be highly beneficial on a plant floor. Here are some qualities offered by industrial floor matting that protect your machines and promote a smooth-running operation:

  1. Vibration-Reduction: Mechanized machinery may be heavy-duty, but they certainly aren’t indestructible. Regular maintenance and recalibration is commonly carried out to ensure that the machines are working in tip-top shape. This is because the moving parts within a machine can be desynchronized or dislodged due to the regular shakes and rattles of the machine itself.
    A rubber industrial mat placed under heavy-duty machinery can reduce the severity of the shakes and rattles that may damage a machine’s inner parts. Rubber is inherently shock-absorbent due to its structure on the molecular level. This can be likened to a spring in its ability to absorb force yet rebound relatively unaffected.
  2. tool on top of diamond plate rubber roll matting Thick and Stable Base: Hard floor surfaces like concrete can be detrimental to the functionality of industrial machinery not only because of the vibrations but also because of the stability of the floor. Uneven or damaged floor surfaces may allow industrial equipment to rock back and forth. Industrial floor matting can provide a level and stable base for machines and can prevent slipping and rocking due to rubber’s natural slip-resistant quality.
  3. Long-Lasting Durability: Rubber is already a tough and resilient material. Its ability to withstand physical abuse is one crucial reason why it is utilized in shoes and tires. Industrial floor matting amplifies the strength of rubber since it is extremely thick and dense. ‘Heavy-duty rubber matting’ is certainly not a misnomer! 
  4. Within your means: Since most of our mats are made from recycled rubber products, they are affordable. Used rubber tires are plentiful and the supply will not shrinking anytime soon. Therefore, recycled rubber “harvested” from worn tires, or the raw material for our mats, are an inexpensive raw material. This makes the rubber floor mats produced from the recycled crumb rubber very affordable. A recycled rubber mat does not have less of life-cycle when compared to other virgin synthetic rubber products. These rubber flooring mats are very durable!

Heavy-duty industrial rubber mats are a simple solution to stave off potentially harmful shakes and rattles to industrial machinery. The thick and durable industrial mat combined with regular maintenance can keep machines purring softly so that operations run smoothly.