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Anti Vibration Mat

Three Ways an Anti-Vibration Mat Keeps Costly Repairs at Bay

person resting their hand on top of equipment underneath black tuff flex in a roomA rubber anti-vibration mat is an inexpensive piece of insurance if you have industrial machinery in your warehouse. Businesses try to make money so when an unforeseen repair or bill come out of the blue business owners find themselves pulling their hair out. Putting fires out is the last thing management wants. For factory or manufacturing plant operations, a common anxiety stems from the rattling heavy-duty machinery on your production floor. If a machine is damaged the cost of repairs can be hefty and result in more hair pulling. Preempt the possibility of damage to your heavy duty machinery by utilizing an anti-vibration mat. Here are three reasons how a simple shock-absorbing floor mat can save industrial managers some green:

  1. Protects your floor: You’ve got something shaking frantically, damaging the surface under it. Obvious solution? Put something in between. What isn’t so obvious is why you need a shock-absorbing floor mat in particular. Padded floor mats are made of rubber which is shock-absorbent and elastic due to its structural composition. The thicker the rubber, the more absorbent the mat will be. Rubber’s features properly suit itself as a heavy-duty cushion for keeping machines away from hard floor surfaces. 
  2. equipment tools underneath black maxx tuff heavy duty mat Protects your machinery: Although industrial machines appear to be gigantic hulks, they are actually quite sensitive. No, I don’t mean it in a “The-Notebook-Is-My-Favorite-Movie” sort of way. I’m talking about the inner mechanisms. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a machine, whether that be your car or your assembly line rig, you know that machines work as a system of smaller parts. When the machine is chugging away, some of the smaller parts are prone to damage from the vibrations of the working parts. If there are padded floor mats below the machinery, its constant contact with the floors becomes less damaging. Throwing an anti-vibration mat under your industrial machinery reduces the vibrations that could potentially damage your equipment. By avoiding potential damages to your machinery you also dodge the impending repairs bills.
  3. Resilient & Reasonably Priced: Rubber is a very durable and resilient material which can take a beating, and bounce back ready for more. The tensile strength of rubber is very high, and as a result, rubber can take a great amount of abuse without losing its integrity. Let’s face it, you are not buying rubber because it is as tough as steel, you’re choosing rubber because it is tough, yet soft enough to work as a cushioned surface as well. Heavy-duty machines cost lots of money, a shock-absorbing floor mat may only cost $100!

Business owners and managers must anticipate the best and the worst. They must have the ambition to move forward and foster the growth of their business. At the same time managers must know that nothing is served up on a silver platter, and that there will be problems—like costly repair bills—to overcome. Use an anti-vibration mat to preempt some of the potentially costly issues that may arise on your production floor. Padded floor mats made out of rubber are very affordable and a smart long-term decision.