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Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats Keep Kitchens Lively and Safe

 Person standing on Red Dura-Chef Anti-Fatigue Mats in commercial kitchenWhy are anti-fatigue kitchen mats used in restaurants? Take a peek into any restaurant’s kitchen and you will see that it is about as hectic as a rock concert—with a hundred different things going on at any given time, one thing that the kitchen staff does NOT want to worry about is their flooring! What chefs need is a durable rubber floor mat that offers excellent non slip performance, especially in the presence of various liquids and greases. Whether they are dishing out hot soups, sizzling steaks, or family-size lasagna, they need to know that their floor mats can handle anything that drops, spills, or boils over onto it. Chefs have to be on their feet for the majority of the day and take only a few breaks between the lunch and dinner rush. With so many orders to make there is no doubt that they will also begin to feel tired!

The best thing you can do is prevent fatigue-induced knee, joint, and back strain with cushioned, anti fatigue floor mats that are perfect for any kitchen setting. Built to withstand the toughest kitchen situations, anti fatigue kitchen mats can be used in all sorts of food and beverage applications. Messy sauce spill? Slippery grease? No problem- these kitchen mats have excellent grease resistant qualities, and 3/4-inch wide honeycombed drainage holes that keep liquids and debris trapped away from the surface. Such rubber mats are sturdy, but also lightweight, so cleaning them at the end of the day is no hassle- just roll them up, take them outside, and spray them down! This type of spill-safe flooring is ideal for both busy commercial restaurants, as well as your neighborhood “hole in the wall” café. Safety is key and in a business environment cannot be underestimated. Regardless of your kitchen’s size and foot traffic, there is a mat that will be perfect for it. Chefs may have to worry about cooking a perfectly satisfactory lobster dinner, but with our anti fatigue kitchen mats they will never have to worry about slipping or falling!