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Puzzle-Lock rubber floor tiles appearing at the Hurley U.S. Open Cup of Surfing.

The Hurley US Open of Surfing has existed in some form since 1959, but it took 50 years for a true collaboration to take place—Hurley and Rubber-Cal Inc. The competition is the pinnacle of professional surfing, showcasing the very best surfers from around the world, and the winner of the Hurley US Open of Surfing often goes on to the Dream Tour, the Association of Surfing Professional’s series of surfing championships around the world.

Rubber-Cal Inc. collaborated with Hurley by flooring their main booth with interlocking Puzzle-Lock tiles, a rubber interlocking flooring tile composed of recycled tires. Hurley’s main booth showcased their new line of technologically advanced board shorts, Hurley Phantoms. These new board shorts use ultra-lightweight, anti-chaffing, stretch fabric to ensure top performance for their top performers—with Rob Machado, Kai Burger, and this year’s Hurley US Open Champion, Brett Simpson, a Huntington Beach local, among the surfers currently sporting these shorts. The shorts were presented in a Damien Hirst (of “For the Love of God” fame) inspired presentation, spotlighting the Phantom shorts in glass a showcase in a room that was nearly pitch black. As a result, the shorts appeared to float in midair, highlighting their lightweight attributes. Meanwhile, the spectators who passed through the booth enjoyed the softness, traction, and comfort of Rubber-Cal’s Puzzle-Lock interlocking tiles under their feet.

The collaboration between Hurley and Rubber-Cal highlights the best qualities of both products. Rubber-Cal’s Puzzle-Lock tiles and Hurley’s Phantom shorts exhibit practicality in their straightforward approach to providing comfort and efficiency to their users. Puzzle-Lock tiles can be installed nearly anywhere without the help of adhesive, and because of Puzzle-Lock’s modular nature, they can be easily disassembled and move elsewhere. The same can be said of Hurley’s Phantom shorts, which dry quickly, flex to provide maximum mobility, and protect against the wear and tear of everyday surfing and water sports. Furthermore, both products exhibit superior aesthetics. Puzzle-Lock tiles are available in Blue Gray Speckle, Black, Blue, Green, Gray, and Terra Cotta. Hurley’s Phantom shorts are available in a multitude of enticing colors and designs.

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