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Installing Rubber Tiles


The proper kind of flooring is essential to every gym. Rubber flooring tiles are a great option for your fitness flooring needs. Rubber-Cal’s line of interlocking flooring is tough, affordable, eco-friendly, and very easy to install. The feature that makes these tiles so attractive is their ease of installation. That is why The Biggest Loser is using our rubber gym flooring tiles in their fitness centers for their upcoming 14th season. In this video, the members of The Biggest Loser set team will demonstrate the ease of installing rubber tiles.

Before you begin, assemble the necessary tools. You will need protective gloves, kneepads, a broom, a measuring tape, a utility knife with extra blades, and our special connector pins. The protective gloves are to shield your hands from the utility knife in case you have to make any cuts to the rubber flooring tiles. The kneepads are useful because this task requires a lot of kneeling. The first step in the process is to use the broom to clear the base surfacing of your gym floor. This will ensure that the rubber tile mats will be placed evenly on top of the surface.

It is a good idea to measure out where you will be placing your rubber flooring tiles. Depending on the size of your room, you may find that you will have to cut a tile. This is where the utility knife will come in. The recycled rubber tiles are tough, but it is possible to cut them. Using your measuring tape, make the appropriate measurements as to where you will be making your cut. Then carefully cut along the designated line. It would also be a good idea to use a piece of chalk to mark your line. Since the interlocking flooring is tough, you will need to make several cuts in order to cut all the way through. It can wear down the blade on your knife, which is why we recommend having several extra blades on hand.

Connecting the rubber tile mats together is the easiest part of the whole process. Each tile comes with built-in holes for our connector pins. They lock firmly into place, holding the rubber gym flooring tiles securely together as people go around the gym exercising. As you will see in the video, the crew member lines up the rubber flooring tiles with each other so that their pre-drilled holes line up against one another. At this point, it is simply a matter of putting in the connector pins and snapping them together. The process really is as simple as that.

The finished product will look great. These rubber gym flooring tiles are sure to impress anyone coming to the gym for a workout. The best thing about our eco-friendly recycled rubber tiles is that while it is strong enough to handle the rigors of intensive workouts, it is also forgiving enough to be easy on the feet.

The interlocking flooring makes for superb protection against the heavy weight equipment in gyms. The weight of these machines can wear down and damage the base surfacing of your gym. Since these machines are often made of heavy metal, they can be especially damaging to wooden surfaces. Installing rubber tiles are an easy and affordable way to protect your sub-surfacing.

The Biggest Loser trusts Rubber-Cal’s rubber flooring tiles to protect the surfacing of their fitness center and be easy on the contestants while making the whole place look professional. Installing rubber tiles is made into an easy task through the use of Rubber-Cal’s DIY floor tiles. For more information about our eco-friendly rubber flooring tiles and other interlocking flooring options, please visit our website. Also feel free to give one of our flooring experts a call so that they may assist you in finding the perfect kind of flooring for your needs.