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Rubber Matting Flooring

Seven No-Frills Reasons Why Rubber is the Ideal Industrial Flooring!

black dura chef interlock kitchen mat in commercial kitchenFor business owners out there searching for a versatile, though inexpensive, industrial flooring solution, look no further! Industrial rubber matting is a wise investment that will work for you, the business owner. We understand that you’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do so here are seven no-frills reasons why you should opt for rubber flooring:

  1. Anti-slip: As you probably already know, rubber inherently possesses grip. Athletic shoes, automobile tires, sports equipment… the list goes on and on, yet they all utilize the tack of rubber. How is this relevant to your industrial operations? Consider your factory employees, moving to and fro across the floor. The combination of an employee’s bodily fatigue with dicey factory conditions means slipping is highly plausible. Industrial rubber matting reduces the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents and injuries by increasing traction even in moist or wet conditions.
  2. Anti-fatigue: While we’re still on the subject of your factory floor workers, we’d like to mention another innate characteristic of rubber: shock-absorbency. The porous composition of rubber gives it spring-like flex when force is applied. When your employees step across such a surface, some of the forces that would harm your employees’ bodies are absorbed into the rubber flooring. In contrast, hard floor surfaces, like concrete, bounce forces back into the body which may lead to fatigue or long-term injury.
  3. Anti-vibration: The same shock-absorbing properties of rubber also reduce shakes and vibrations. Factory equipment and heavy-duty machinery are prone to damage from the rattling of their own moving parts. An intricate system of gears, pulleys and levers drives such machinery and if any of these elements are compromised the equipment will malfunction. Rubber matting can absorb the shakes and rattles that may damage your expensive equipment.
  4. chef opening a drawer as standing on black dura chef interlock kitchen mat Floor protection: Whether you are planning on keeping your factory for the long haul or just for the meantime, you probably want to keep the conditions of your factory floor in good, if not pristine, condition. Heavy-duty machinery, bustling vehicles and dropped tools all threaten to scuff, crack and chip your floor. Laying down rubber for your industrial flooring acts as a cushion to protect the integrity of your floors.
  5. Easy installation: Industrial rubber matting is an easy DIY application that can stay down under its own weight. For semi-permanent applications, you can use double-sided tape for your own peace of mind. You can save your money by skipping the use of professional installers and expensive adhesives.
  6. Easy maintenance: Rubber flooring can be simply be swept or vacuumed free of dust, dirt or debris. For dirtier situations, you can use a damp mop and mild household cleaners to keep the floors spic and span.
  7. Durability: Resilience and durability of are the key reason why rubber flooring is ideal for your operations. Rubber can weather the abuse of heavy foot traffic, shaking machines and falling instruments. This resilience means you won’t have to replace your flooring in the future, keeping some change in your pocket for more immediate issues.

Rubber flooring is an ideal choice if you’re looking for industrial flooring. Not only does it offer a plethora of safety measures, but it also protects the machines and tools of your trade. Rubber matting preempts the costs of floor repairs and expensive installation bills. And, as if it already wasn’t well-worth the purchase, industrial rubber matting offers long-lasting durability that will serve you long into your future operations.